Do Starbucks Drinks Induce Labor? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Soon-to-be mommies are wondering to know whether or not do Starbucks Drinks induce labor after they have come across some viral videos on TikTok. Though the drinks are not advised by health practitioners, the TikTok content creators are making this bizarre trend go viral on the platform. Below we have gathered all available details about whether or not Starbucks Drinks induce labor and if they are dangerous.

TikTok is home to dozens of bizarre trends and challenges. After its anticipation, we have come across trends that have even endangered the lives of many. Some of the most dangerous trends that went viral on the video-sharing app included the skull breaker trend, blackout challenge, blue whale trend, and many others.

Just recently, the users on the video-sharing app caught up with the Tide Pod challenge following which the users were eating small capsules meant to do the laundry. According to these reports, more than 10 young TikTok users lost their lives following the Tide Pod trend.

Adding to the list of dodgy trends of TikTok another trend following the Starbucks Drinks is also making rounds on the internet. Following this trend, pregnant women believe that a particular Starbucks Drink is helping them induce their delivery.

As they enter the final weeks of pregnancy, they start consuming a specific Starbucks drink to induce labor. Though several health physicians have opposed the idea, women are hopping on to the trend one after another.

What Starbucks Drink Induces Labor?

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The Starbucks Drink which is said to induce labor is the Iced Passion Tango Tea. This drink is a composition of hibiscus, lemongrass, and apple mixed with ice. When all these ingredients are mixed together they create a refreshingly vibrant tea. Some women who already have hopped onto the trend have also added a few pumps of raspberry syrup. However, the raspberry syrup is currently not available at Starbucks as the company has discontinued it.

Instead of raspberry syrup, some people are suggesting using any other strawberry flavor instead. A few users have also tried adding pineapple juice or syrup. Women believe that pineapple also brings on labor but they believe the main culprit to be hibiscus.

As the drink has gone viral on the video-sharing app, several pregnant women have attempted the trend to check whether or not it actually works.

Are Starbucks Drinks That Induce Labor Dangerous?

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The videos following this Starbucks Drink have amassed millions of views. They are also being poured with thousands of comments mainly from pregnant women.

Here is how users have reacted to this trend. One user wrote, “So we’re as Starbucks because we’re gonna get ourselves some of that labor tea”.

Another added, “I’ve just got back from Starbucks and I’ve heard that this drink induces labor, don’t know how true it is.”

“40 weeks pregnant and trying the Starbucks labor-inducing drink”. “Please work I’m desperate”, added another woman.

Though the trend is currently going viral on the video-sharing app, there is no scientific evidence to prove this formula. As per Healthline, hibiscus isn’t recommended for pregnant women as it can delay the puberty of the child. It may also result in blood flow to the uterus it may also result in early menstruation. In some cases, it may even cause miscarriage.

The site further states, “As tempting as it might be to down a cup of hibiscus tea to help speed up the onset of labor, it’s safest to completely avoid hibiscus throughout your pregnancy”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about whether or not do Starbucks drinks induce labor. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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