Farmernurse TikTok — Another Controversial Video

Have you heard a lot of gossips about the controversial Farmernurse TikTok video? Want to know the back story? If yes, then you are on the most relevant space. Keep reading and get to know all the facts about the TikTok video praising white supremacy.

TikTok is famous for controversies along with its entertaining content since so long. It has now become a platform for misleading speech as well. People are busy spreading false news and misleading content with every passing day.

A similar incident took place when a Salem Oregon Nurse’s TikTok video mocking Corona went viral. In the video she can be heard saying “When my coworkers find out I still travel, don’t wear a mask when I am out and let my kids have play dates”.

As the video went viral the nurse was sent on a leave and she was later being investigated for mocking the Corona precautionary measure. A similar unpleasant incident took place recently, when a pro-Trump nurse shared a video flashing white power ‘OK’ hand signal.


Image Of @Farmernurse

A TikTok user, Wee Key (@farmernurse) has posted a controversial video on TikTok. The Farmernurse TikTok video features the nurse flashing the “OK” hand symbol and signaling solidarity with white supremacists. This video is currently viral on various social media platforms. The video has garnered more than 72,000 views and 16,000 hearts on TikTok.

Most of the TikTok users have given strong reactions to the video as according to them she is dangerous for the non-white patients. Some of them have titled her as a racist also. In her TikTok profile she can be seen wearing a cap showing solidarity with the vice American president. She has more than 5000 followers on TikTok and she has gathered more than 16.3k hearts on her TikTok videos.

In the video, Wee Kay, the farmer nurse can be seen showing the “OK Hand Signal, which is considered as a racist signal. Before 2017 the OK hand signal was considered harmless in all scenarios. But later this signal was adopted by white supremacists, who stood for white power.

The white supremacy believes that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, in particular black or Jewish people.

The video made in harmony with White supremacy by the nurse has hurt the sentiments of non-white groups. Therefore it has paved paths for an unending controversy.

Farmer Nurse TikTok

Image Of Farmer Nurse TikTok

As the controversial video went viral, people have started probing about the nurse and her life on twitter. After going through her twitter account we have found that the nurse belongs from North Carolina but currently she works at Rock Medical Group, which is based out of Nebraska.

Facebook users have also mocked her on her Facebook posts. Most of them have started calling her a “racist bitch” and they are asking her employer to fire her. People are also wondering how she would treat non-white patients especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a twitter post a user named as @BombayK has asked everyone to report the incident. He said,

“It looks like she is employed as a contractor, i.e., can be terminated at-will. I’ve contacted the company, and encourage everyone else to do so.” He further added “Please highlight not just that this is morally offensive. But, that she is a material danger to non-white patients, and as the staffing company, they have a duty of care in who they put in projects”

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Concluding Words

This was all about the controversial Farmernurse TikTok video that has hurt the sentiments of many Non-white people around the world. Hope you have got ample information about the whole incident.

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