Feastables.com Reviews — Explored [February 2022]

Users across the USA have tumbled over a chocolate web store named Feastables.com, and to find whether not it is a legit website shoppers are looking for reviews. If you are eyeing enjoying a yummy feast from Feastables.com, we would suggest you check the reviews first. Here we have provided all the available information about this Chocolate web store. Have a look.

Online shoppers across the world are getting more informed than before. It has now become a common practice for them to check customer reviews before shopping from an online website. It truly is a worthy practice as the internet is filled with millions of fake web stores. Most of these fake stores offer enticing offers making people crave for them and in the end, they will send you a poor quality product or sometimes nothing at all.

So, if you are reading reviews before ordering chocolates from Feastables.com, you also are a wise shopper.

Now, let’s explore whether or not Feastables.com is a legit website.

Is Feastables.com Legit?

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Feastables.com has become a point of attraction for online buyers for its Gamified Chocolates. The idea of Gamified Chocolates makes the website a unique one thus, several users have started heading towards it. Buyers from the USA, UK, and India especially are attracted to the site.

Most users who have purchased the chocolates from this website have revealed that it is a good deal to enjoy the Gamified Chocolates with their families.

The website claims to provide high-category snacks and chocolates to their customers. From the information available on the site, we have come to know that the website is owned by the famous YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson. Jimmy is known for his social media name ‘Mr. Beast’.

The website currently offers four types of chocolates but is aiming at adding some more flavors. The chocolates are further said to be healthy as they are Gluten-Free.

Nonetheless, we have done extensive research about the site and assessed it based on the following factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Owner Details
  • Purchase and Shipment Policy

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in more detail.

Is Feastables.com A Legit Website?

Image Of Is Feastables.com A Legit Website

1. Domain Age

Feastables.com is registered in the year 2000 thus has a domain age of 22 years. Considering the domain age we can assume that the website must be an experienced one. Most fake websites cannot survive more than a few years thus it seems like Feastables.com is a reliable one.

2. Contact Details

The website has provided a 5-digit number enabling the users to send them a text message. Besides this five-digit number, ‘69420’ the website has not provided any further contact details.

3. Trust Score

The Feastables.com website has amassed an 86% trust score which is enough to prove the website as a legitimate one.

4. Customer Reviews

The website Feastables.com doesn’t contain any customer reviews. We also couldn’t spot any reviews on any of its social media handles.

5. Social Media Presence

The website has its pages on all prominent social media sites. And the social media handles of Feastables.com are also quite active.

6. Owner Details

As per our research Feastables.com is owned by Jimmy Donaldson, the YouTuber known on YouTube as Mr. Beast.

7. Purchase And Shipment Policy

The website has detailed all the policies related to the shipment, return, and replacement. The website is providing free shipment on chocolate bars above 30.

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The Final Verdict

According to the information we have found, Feastables.com seems a legit website. But we would suggest you look further for customer reviews before placing your order.

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