Finish A Challenge With Farfetch’d 0n Pokémon Go

Confused about how to Finish A Challenge with Farfetch’d? We are here to help you. Keep reading and you will learn all the hacks to Finish A challenge with Farfetch’d.

Our very own Pokémon Go is now live with this new challenge. All you have to do is evolve your Farfetch’d buddy into Sirfetch’d with some perfect throws and you are done with the challenge. Sounds easy? No, it’s not!

Earlier in the Pokémon Go, evolving one character to other was easy as a pie. But this time you have to put a little effort to change Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d. This article will help you know how this evolution can be done.

What Is Finish A Challenge With Farfetch’d

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During the celebration of Niantic, launching the Crown Tundra for Sword and Sheild, Pokémon GO has allowed the users to get their buddy Pokémon, Galarian Farfetch’d and evolve it to Sirfetch’d. Here’s how to give a clean sweep to this challenge.

In the very beginning the users have to catch the Galarian Farfetch’d, that they wish to evolve. And then they have to make it their buddy. Don’t know how to catch a Galarian Farfetch’d? Here’s how to do that.

To fetch Galarian Farfetch’d you have to open the gifts sent by your friends and collect 7km eggs. But remember one thing; you can collect the eggs only if you have a spare egg slot in your Pokémon Storage.

Once you collect the eggs, you have to hatch Galarian Farfetch’d out of the eggs. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t s get one from the couple of eggs hatched initially. Keep doing it until you get one. Galarian Farfetch’d also appears during in-game events.

Finish A Challenge With This Buddy Farfetch’d

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Once you have caught the Galarian Farfetch’d as your Pokémon buddy, then you have to collect 50 candies by capturing Pokémon over and over again during the game. Right after that you can make 10 successful throws right in the center of a circle provided. Upon making the successful throws you will have the ability to unlock the powers for evolving your Galarian Farfetch’d buddy to Sirfetch’d .

For making the perfect throws, you have to be patient as the circle provided will be quite small. Mega raids will offer you plenty of options to deliver some perfect throws, try to learn some of options to excel the tasks.

To master the throws you are suggested to hold the Pokéball until the circle reaches the center. Once it reaches the center let it go now. Do not touch the ball right after the throw, wait for Pokémon to attack.

Now, during the attack you can grab the ball and throw it again. Keep in mind that the size of circle should remain same, if it’s not the same that means you are holding it for too long or touching it too soon/late. You have to work on your timing that is the only way to hit the Pokéball in the center of circle.

Sirfetch’d is the advanced and more powerful form of Galarian Farfetch’d which is not so easy to get. Users can only evolve into Sirfetch’d if; you show some dedication and hard work.

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Niantic is introducing so many interesting new features to Pokémon GO, in order to keep it popular among the users. It seems successful in its cause so far.

It sounds good that our Fartfech’d Pokémon buddy has finally gained the ability to transform into Sirfetch’d in Pokémon GO. But to Finish A Challenge With Farfetch’d, users have to put some effort and play wisely.

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