Gift Messages On Instagram — Here’s How To Send One

Gift Messages On Instagram is a new feature being introduced to the users. If you haven’t received one, then you might not know what it is all about. This article will focus on the new Instagram feature and its usability.

Instagram users have access to plenty of lenses/filters that have capacity to give you millions of likes and followings right away. It also keeps its pace when it comes to introducing new features for the users. Initially it started as a photo sharing application but now it has enabled the users to experience so many other features like the IG TV, IG stories and the brand new Instagram Reels.

It also has provided plenty of chat options to the users. You can now chat in the vanish mode, that will notify you if the conversation is being captured by the other user. It also enables the users to filter the direct messages sent by unknown people and pages. Altogether it provides a complete package for maintaining the privacy of users.

As the festive season is right next at the corner, Instagram has come up with a surprise feature for its users. Previously, it enabled the users to send Gif’s, Stickers and a variety of Emoji’s for their chat box but now you can send Surprise Gift Messages to your loved ones.

If you want to wish your loved ones on their birthday’s and on other happy occasions then, we would suggest you to consider this new feature. The Gift Messages option is an attractive way to express your love on the happy occasions. Once you send the gift message, the user at other end will receive a gift box inside his/her chatroom/inbox. He/she will not be able to read the text hidden inside the box until they tap on it.

How To Get Gift Messages On Instagram

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If you are searching to know how this feature can be accessed, then we have got you covered. Here is the answer!

Accessing the gift messages on Instagram is just a piece of cake. But firstly you have to check if your Instagram app is updated or not. We would suggest you to keep updating your app fortnightly so that you don’t miss any important feature.

Once you update your application, open the Instagram app and swipe right to open your chat room. Type your gift message, for example (Happy Birthday) and then tap on the search icon appearing at the top left side near the chat option. Following this tap on the gift message option and swipe to choose your favorite template for the gift message.

Once you have selected the template then you can send the message to your desired contact. The end users will get a box icon and they will not be able to see the text inside it directly. To read the text, they have to tap on the box icon, after tapping on the box icon users will get to see a beautifully designed message. Isn’t it cute? Hell yes, this feature will surely make your loved ones smile as surprises are always best.

Previously, we have observed that Instagram has always come up with some copied features from other applications. But this time it has surprised all the users with its amazing Gift Messages. This feature is unique in its own way as we have never seen such feature on any of the social media platform earlier.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the trending Gift Messages feature On Instagram. Hope this article has provided the easiest way to get this feature. Let us know with your comments if you enjoyed reading this piece of writing or not.

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