Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok – TikTok Again In Trouble

TikTok again seems in trouble as news saying “Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok” is being flaunting on Internet. If you are a regular user on TikTok, then you might have seen a video featuring a young girl cutting her arm. As soon as the video was uploaded, people started giving strong reactions towards TikTok authorities. Do you want to know about the back-story of this video? If yes, then keep reading.

Besides being the entertainment App, TikTok has been home to certain controversies. It is bashed many times for the quality of content being uploaded. Due to the said reason, it also has faced banning and unbanning in various countries.

It is also home to bizarre trends and challenges that have made serious consequences on the lives of people who follow it. Some of the dangerous challenges include skull breaking challenge, eating cereal while lying down, dropping a coin between your phone charger and the electricity supply board (It creates a huge blast), using glue to appear your upper lip larger and etc.

These challenges have dangerous consequences but still people have attempted all of these. Due to these dangerous videos TikTok has received negative feedback many times. Every time it promises to keep check on the content that flaunts on the platform but seems like they are unable to control such content.

Why Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok

In a recent video, a young girl is being spotted cutting her arm on TikTok. According to data we have received, she has cut her arm because TikTok has handled her private and sensitive data inappropriately. Further, this young girl is going to sue TikTok in coming days.

As social media applications have made a significant place in our lives, most of us are worried about our privacy. This recent news has questioned the privacy policy of TikTok. Regarding the case, a user shared his opinion saying. “Social media giant TikTok faces a potential legal challenge on behalf of all children who use the video-sharing platform. A 12-year-old girl from London, who cannot be identified”

The video was shared by a TikTok user named as @Reasonrr. It contains sensitive and frightening content so we suggest the readers to watch it (If not removed) at their own risk. Most of the users have commented that, the video can create serious consequences on the minds of minor users.

Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok Video

It is a sad truth that people share such videos for their own benefits. As it happened with this video, it has spread to all other social media platforms and now it is likely to create negative impacts on the minds of people who watch it.

According to a recent report of BBC, the effected 12 year old girl is going to sue the application. She is claiming that, TikTok uses children’s data for unlawful purposes. It is also being confirmed that the court has decided to keep the identity of girl unrevealed.

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England will be supporting this case. Furthermore Anne Longfield, believes that TikTok has tempered the data protection laws of UK and EU.

Currently, the Children’s Commissioner is waiting to get a conclusion of data protection case against Google before proceeding to file a case on TikTok. TikTok is also aware about the application; it is waiting for the High Court’s judgment. TikTok has also clarified that the Application is not available for children below 13.

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Bottom Line

As the technology is moving on a faster pace, users should make sure to handle their private and personal data appropriately. Parents should also keep check on their children to save them from such scams.

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