Glow Look Filter TikTok — Another Viral Filter From TikTok

The recent makeup filter to go viral on TikTok is Glow Look Filter. This magical filter gives you a gorgeous look once applied. Here’s how you can get this filter on TikTok.

The several beauty apps and some of the social media applications including Titkok, Instagram and Snapchat have introduced a variety of beauty filters. Using these filters one can change their whole appearance in seconds. You don’t have to worry about visiting saloons when you can get a perfect makeover with few taps.

Like every other social media app, TikTok is no way behind in the filter game. This application has gained all the publicity just because of its viral filters, trends, and challenges. These filters are also an amazing way to increase your followers count. The latest magical filter currently trending on TikTok is the new Glow Look Filter. If you are unable to spot it on the Chinese video-sharing app then here is how you can get the Glow Look Filter.

What Is Glow Look Filter On TikTok

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Glow Look Filter is just another addition to the beauty filter’s list of TikTok. Once applied, the filter gives you a fresh, glowing look with an eye-catching pair of lashes. It also changes your eye color and adds freckles on both sides of your face, which complement the overall look.

Hundreds of users have already rolled videos using this trending filter while many others are still wondering to get a clue about this new filter. Some users think the filter is actually from Instagram because it isn’t available for them on TikTok. To the users, who are searching for this filter on Instagram, you might not be able to spot this filter there because the Glow Look Filter is only available on TikTok.  

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How To Get Glow Look Filter On TikTok

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If you are unable to spot this filter until now, then here is a step-by-step explanation of how you can get the Glow Look Filter On TikTok. Keep scrolling!

To get the Glow Look Filter, firstly you should have a TikTok account. If you already have one, you can simply get the filter from filters list but if you don’t have any TikTok account then get it downloaded on your phone.

Some TikTok users, might not be able to spot this filter because of the old version of TikTok they are using. To lay your hands over this magical filter you should have an updated TikTok account.

Once you have updated your TikTok account, tap on the record button. It is a + sign located in the center of the screen. Now, you have to tap on the option that reads “effects”. Scroll through the filters until you witness a face with makeup and two sparkles on the cheeks as the filter icon.

For me it is the third filter in the trending section of TikTok effects. If you are unable to find this filter there, you should update your TikTok account.

You can also look for the filter in the “New effects” tab. Scroll through the filters until you get the filter with the name “Glow Look”. As you find the filter, tap on it and face the front camera to witness the magic. As you apply the filter to your face, you will witness the strong catfish effect that it creates. It will add freckles on your cheeks, gives you caty eyes, and adds a beautiful pair of eyelashes. You will surely love the glowing look it gives.

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral makeup filter from TikTok. Hopefully, the information provided in this article will lead you straight to this amazing TikTok filter.

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