Heart Button Replaced By Plus And Check On Spotify – All You Need To Know

If you’re a regular Spotify user, you might have noticed a recent change in the app’s interface. There is a new update on Spotify where the heart button is replaced by a plus and check sign. Users are wondering to find out the reason behind this new update. Many of the users have seen the update already but many haven’t seen it yet. Keep reading if you want to know more about the update of Spotify where the heart button is being replaced by a plus and check sign.

Many Spotify users noticed that the Heart button disappeared this week, and they’re curious about why it’s gone. We notice a lot of changes in applications that we use daily and new updates are introduced. Users appreciate new changes but in many cases, users demand the old version of the application. If we talk about the Spotify update, it’s quite different and users are surprised as they sense a change in the app.

Spotify decided to take away the Heart button and put both the Heart and Add to Playlist icons together in one symbol. The heart button was normally used to save your favorite track but now it is being replaced by a plus sign. This is a new update and users have never expected this. This news is going viral and is now a hot topic for debate. Let’s see what is actually going on and how it can affect your music-listening experience.

Why Did Spotify Replace Its Heart Icon By Plus And Check?

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Users have noticed a slight change in Spotify where the heart icon is missing and instead of a heart icon, there is a plus sign. The reason behind this is to make things easier for the users. Spotify has decided to streamline its features and make things simpler for users. The Heart button, previously used for liking songs, has now been combined with the Add to Playlist function.

This means that instead of having a separate Heart button, you’ll now use the Plus icon to both like a song and add it to your playlist. The Check icon comes into play when you’ve already added a particular track to your library. This change is simple and easy. We just have to press the plus icon to save the track in your playlist and mark it as your favorite as well. This is like a two-in-one thing and less time-consuming.

How To Use The New Icon On Spotify?

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This new update is very smooth and easy. It is not that hard to use it, you just have to press the plus icon to add a song to your favorite list and can check it. This is a two-step process and very easy. You just have to simply tap on the Plus icon to indicate that you like a particular track. This action automatically adds the song to your Liked Songs playlist.

Moreover, if you want to check the song and if you’ve already added a song to your library, you can use the Check icon to confirm that it’s part of your collection. This update is so simple that you can easily use Spotify like you used to do. Also, if we talk about the new icons they provide a more streamlined way to express your musical preferences and manage your playlists efficiently. The decision to change the heart icon with a plus sign is to enhance the experience of users who are using Spotify.

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Bottom Line

This was all the available information about the new update on Spotify. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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