How Can I Add Bad Bunny On WhatsApp? New Channel Feature Explained

Bad Bunny is now on WhatsApp and fans are looking for the answer to the question, ‘How Can I Add Bunny On WhatsApp’. If you too are willing to add Bad Bunny on WhatsApp, here we have gathered all the details for you. Keep reading to know how can Bad Bunny be added on WhatsApp.

Bad Bunny, the famous Puerto Rican rapper, is now available on WhatsApp for interaction. This interaction allows his fans to receive messages from Bad Bunny, but it’s a one-way communication channel. You can’t send messages or engage in a two-way conversation with him. This capability is made possible by WhatsApp’s new feature known as “Channels,” which enables public figures and businesses to broadcast messages to their followers or subscribers without allowing direct replies.

Fans are thrilled to have Bad Bunny in their WhatsApp contact. Though they cannot talk to him via a two-way channel, they are glad to receive messages from their favorite rapper.

Here is all you need to know about what the new WhatsApp feature, ‘Channels’ is and the answer to ‘How can I add Bad Bunny on WhatsApp’. Keep reading!

How Can I Add Bunny On My WhatsApp?

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Bad Bunny has established his own WhatsApp Channel, extending an invitation to fans worldwide to join and receive updates from him.

Within this channel, the rapper can broadcast messages to a vast group chat comprising an unlimited number of fans. But unfortunately, fans are not permitted to send responses.

When Bad Bunny sends a message through this channel, fans receive notifications in a manner similar to regular WhatsApp messages.

The channel bio reads, “This is my WhatsApp guys hehe do not pay attention to what they say out there if you did not see it here ok”.

In the group, the rapper has shared some messages so far. He has sent a media message where he can be seen wearing a baseball cap and a text message that reads, “Holaaaaaa”.

You can add the rapper Bad Bunny on your WhatsApp by simply joining the invite. Copy and paste this link in Google search and click on the view channel button. Once you click on the Join channel button, you will be added to the broadcast channel.

A similar feature is available on Instagram where influencers create broadcast channels to interact closely with their followers.

Some of you may receive a notification stating, “Channels isn’t currently accessible for you,” it indicates that this new feature is not available in your geographical area.

By selecting “Notify me,” you will receive a notification once Channels become accessible in your country. Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to add Bad Bunny to your contacts.

Add Bad Bunny On WhatsApp

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This new WhatsApp feature Channels, was rolled out on Wednesday, September 13th. It is a fresh approach to privately receive significant updates from individuals and organizations directly within the app.

If you are unfamiliar with Channels, Meta’s aim is to create the most private broadcasting service possible. Channels operate independently from your regular chats. The selection of individuals or organizations you choose to follow remains hidden from other followers. Additionally, WhatsApp is committed to safeguarding the personal information of both administrators and followers.

This feature is gradually rolling out in more than 150 countries, and WhatsApp plans to enhance Channels further by incorporating additional functionalities based on user feedback. This feature is currently available for some regions only. However, it will be soon made available in the rest of the regions.

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The Bottom Line

This was everything you need to know about the WhatsApp channels and the answer to ‘How can I add Bad Bunny on WhatsApp’. Hopefully, you can now be part of the broadcast channel of Bad Bunny.

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