How Did Holla Grandma Die? TikTok Sensation Passed Away

TikTok users are coming across shocking news, according to which the TikTok sensation Holla Grandma has passed away. Several of her fans are wondering to know how did Holla Grandma die and whether or not she was sick during the last days of her life.

We are coming across some bad news from TikTok lately. Fans are mourning the loss of some of their favorite TikTok content creators. This time, the grief doubled after the TikTok users have come to know that Holla Grandma has taken her last breath.

The news of her passing emerged online on 15th January. She was 97 years old at the time of passing. TikTok’s favorite grandma was suffering from cancer. After joining the video-sharing platform, Holla Grandma amassed a huge follower base on TikTok. She was famous on several other social media platforms as well.

Her TikTok handle was named @lotteryfrappeandlaughs while her real name was Helen Davis. She joined TikTok in August 2021. As of now, she has a follower count of 800k and she has managed to garner 250000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

While the TikTok community is mourning her loss, we have gathered all the details about her personal life and career.

Is Holla Grandma Really Dead?

Image Of Is Holla Grandma Really Dead

The sad news of Holla Granma’s passing was confirmed by her granddaughter in a YouTube video. In the video, Michelle Williams, Holla Grandma’s daughter revealed that she passed away while sleeping at 5 pm on January 15.

In the video, Michelle Williams further added, “I want to thank ya’ll so much for you know the smiles ya’ll put on her face you know in her last days it really means the world to me. It meant the world to her.”

Holla Grandma was known for her honest opinions. She used to share videos answering to different questions asked by her fans. Holla Grandma also used to give suggestions to her followers about their issues and she was perceived as a treasure of wisdom by many of her followers.

After coming across the news of her sudden demise, her fans have started pouring messages of prayers and condolence in the comment section. To their inquiries her granddaughter responded saying, “She went out peacefully… what’s really keeping together y’all is she’s not in pain anymore, no more cancer, no more morphine.”

Holla Grandma From TikTok Passed Away At 97

Image Of Holla Grandma From TikTok Passed Away At 97

What followers really admired about Holla Grandma was that she never hopped onto any baseless dance challenge. She also never used face filters to impress her followers and gain attention. Her videos contained words of wisdom. The followers loved her content following its unique and genuine nature.

Holla Grandma gave her honest opinion on almost every topic that you can think of. After her passing, her fans have started pouring messages of prayers and condolence on Twitter.

One of her fans wrote, “Black women like grandma holla is why I go so hard for the anti-ageism agenda. The love, personality, humor + community that became of her presence on earth throughout 96+ yrs of her life is invaluable. May that queen rest in peace love and solace to her family”.

Though she lived long and was living difficult life fighting cancer, her fans are heartbroken. One of her heartbroken friends wrote, “Ms Holla died. That was my internet grandma. I hate that but Lord knows 90+ years on this earth is a blessing. Rest In Peace”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about how did Holla Grandma die and about her social media life. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for. May her soul flies high in the sky.

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