How To Play One Direction Heardle — Explained

One Direction fans are finally relieved as they have finally got to play the most awaited variation of Heardle, but how and where to play the One Direction Heardle variation? Here we have provided everything you need to know.

Following the Wordle game’s popularity, we are witnessing several variations of this game on the internet. Some of them have become immensely popular while others haven’t got the spotlight yet.

Some of the trendy variations of Wordle are, Quordle, Sedordle, and Heardle. All these games require the users to guess several words in a few attempts using a few cues.

Following Wordle, the second popular game that has amazed the users is Heardle which requires the users to guess a song in a maximum of 6 attempts.

As the game has become quite popular now, the game developer is rolling several variations by dedicating them to a particular band or singer. This has made the game become even more popular.

Users are trying their best to guess the songs of their favorite singers, however, it is not that simple. The latest variation of Heardle is ‘One Direction Heardle’, which revolves around the famous band ‘One Direction’. Here is more about what the One Direction Heardle is and how to play it online.

One Direction Heardle Game

Image Of One Direction Heardle Game

Following BTS, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift, Heardle has rolled the new ‘One Direction’ edition and users are going crazy about it. This edition is made by ‘velvetesque’ on Twitter and it is a remix on the OG Heardle.

Quite similar to all its previous editions, One Direction Heardle also requires the users to guess a song in less than six seconds. Initially, you will get to hear one second of the song but if you find it difficult to guess, you can increase the timeframe to at least 16 seconds.

This new edition of One Direction Heardle features tracks only from the X Factor boyband. You will be able to guess the song only if you are a real Directioners. If you have guessed the song, you will get another song the next day. The tracks refresh at 12am every day.

Where To Play One Direction Heardle Game

Image Of Where To Play One Direction Heardle Game

As soon as the Directioners have come to know about this viral song, they outpoured all the love and the website has got crashed.

Users are complaining on Twitter as they are unable to play the quiz. Here is how some of the Directioners have reacted to the website crash on Twitter.

One user wrote, ‘’ Crashing the one direction heardle is so on the brand of us’.

Another said, ‘One direction has been on hiatus for too long, yet the 1D fam still never fails to break a website effortlessly. I just want to play the one direction heardle’.

‘One direction heardle was too easy. What can I say, I’ve been a fan since 1st grade’, wrote another user.

Another user Tweeted: ‘I didn’t know one direction heardle was a thing until today. You already know I got it first try’.

‘My only talent, one direction hurdle’ said another user.

‘Friends…the one direction heardle has nothing on me, or any of us for that matter #heardle’ Tweeted one.

This new edition is getting a lot of attention from the users. Following this huge attraction, the website of One Direction Heardle is not performing well. For now, we are not sure if the issue is being fixed or if it still prevails.

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The Last Words

This was all about the One Direction Heardle edition and how to play it online. Hopefully, we have provided all the information you were looking for.

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