How To Remove Invisible Body Filter On TikTok? Explained

The invisible Body Filter is creating trouble for several users on TikTok thus they are looking to know how to remove the Invisible Body Filter from videos. After the filter has resulted in NSFW videos on the video-sharing platform, several users are trying to get rid of this filter and thus are wondering to find how to remove the invisible body filter on TikTok. If you are among these users who are trying to remove the invisible body filter from a video, we are here for your help. Keep reading to know how to remove the Invisible Body Filter on TikTok.

TikTok content creators are coming up with new ideas each passing day. From new challenges to effects and filters, we get to encounter several videos on the video-sharing app. Though some content shared on the platform is worth watching while the rest only aims at getting views through any means. Yes, you are getting it right! We are signaling NSFW content that is often being shared on the video-sharing app.

The latest filter that users are concerned about is the Invisible Body Filter and users claim that it has paved the path for inappropriate content. Several users have also compared it to the Silhouette Challenge that went viral on TikTok last year.

Here we have broken down everything about what the latest Invisible Body Filter on TikTok is and how to remove it from TikTok videos. Keep reading!

What Is The Invisible Body Filter On TikTok?

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Well, to keep it easy let’s think of the Invisible Body Filter as a green screen because when applied to a video, the effect matches your tone with the background color and it makes you look invisible.

The effect however fails to hide your clothes thus several users have shared NSFW images on TikTok to be part of this trend.

As the videos and images look terrible, some content creators are wondering whether or not they can remove this effect once the video is published.

TikTok users are comparing this effect to the Silhouette Challenge that went viral on the video-sharing app in the year 2021. The trend was all about showing one’s curvy body while placing a red filter on the video. This red filter can remove objects from the background thus it is used to display the user’s figure as a black shadow.

Following this trend, people used to show their dance movies whilst showing their curvy bodies as a dark image. The challenge remained active for several months and millions of videos were created following this trend.

After this trend, now the Invisible Body Filter is buzzing on the TikTok app and users are now looking for ways to remove the effect from videos once the videos are published. So, can the Invisible Body Filter be removed once the video is published? We have provided the answer in the below section.

How Can I Remove The Invisible Body Filter?

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Well, if you want to remove the Invisible Body Filter from your videos, we have good news for you. The Invisible Body Filter cannot be removed once the video is posted to TikTok. Once you publish a video on TikTok, the filters are blended into the clip and individual elements cannot be removed or extracted.

Some users who thought the filter will cover their bodies; have uploaded nude videos and images on TikTok. However, we cannot entirely rely on technology to post such content. What if someone comes up with a crack to extract the filter from the video? Everything is possible!

Several video creators have reported that they have come up with a solution to remove the invisible filter from the videos. So, if there is a solution to extract the Invisible Body Filter from videos, several users are in trouble.

Following all this information, we suggest you be careful while posting content on social media platforms using these sort of content. Don’t compromise on your dignity and wear clothes while trying out such filters. Make sure you are fully covered while applying such filters.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether or not Invisible Body Filter can be removed from videos once published. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the information you needed to know.

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