How To Take The OKOKOK Or LALALA Quiz On TikTok? Explained

The latest quiz to take over the TikTok app is OKOKOK Or LALALA Quiz and users are wondering to know how to take it on the video-sharing app. If you are among these users looking to be part of this viral quiz, we have gotten you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the OKOKOK Or LALALA Quiz and how to take it on the video-sharing app TikTok.

TikTok users keep coming up with quizzes and tests on a range of topics. Sometimes they bring quizzes that help you know your relationship strength and status while the other days the quizzes tend to test your knowledge. Despite the fact that TikTok doesn’t feature these tests and quizzes on its own platform, they get immense traction from the users.

These quizzes and tests enable content creators to engage with their followers in a fun way. In addition to entertaining users on various topics, quizzes and tests also play a crucial role in providing educational value. Users take part in quizzes and tests to enhance their knowledge of several things.

Nonetheless, one thing that users must know is these quizzes are created for fun purposes only. So, users must not rely on the results and they must not be taken seriously.

The latest TikTok quiz to catch the attention of users is ‘okokok’ and ‘lalala’ which is based on Tyler, The Creator’s popular song See You Again.

Below we have gathered all the details about what the ‘okokok’ and ‘lalala’ is all about and how to take it on the video-sharing app.


Image Of OKOKOK Or LALALA Quiz TikTok

If you are looking for the ‘okokok’ and ‘lalala’ quiz on TikTok, you are wasting your time. The quiz is currently available on a site ‘uQuiz’. uQuiz is a site where users can create their own tests.

The latest quiz that is going viral on TikTok is by a user ‘mintysoap’ and it contains 11 questions. You have to honestly answer all these questions to determine whether you have a okokok personality or a lalala personality.

You will have to answer questions like, “You just found out that your favourite singer is problematic!!! What do you do?” “What is your ideal pet?” and “How much water do you drink?”.

After answering these questions you will be asked to type your favorite song before being shown whether you should sing ‘okokok’ or ‘lalala’.

How To Do The OKOKOK Or LALALA Quiz On TikTok?

Image Of How To Do The OKOKOK Or LALALA Quiz On TikTok

As explained by the quiz ‘okokok’ refers to the feeling of head-bopping to your favorite song while driving with a friend on a road trip. Besides this, if your personality relates to lalala you are a fairy fluttering by on a dandelion puff on a warm spring day. Users on TikTok claim that ‘okokok’ and ‘lalala’ people work great together.

This viral quiz has emerged on TikTok in April 2023. As this quiz is getting attention from several users, many other ‘okokok’ or ‘lalala’ quizzes have joined the platform.

This is not the only quiz from uQuiz that is going viral on TikTok. We have witnessed several other quizzes from uQuiz go viral on the video-sharing app. You can check the official website of uQuiz to be part of some amazing tests and quizzes. This will not only provide you the chance to have fun, but you will also get unique content to engage with your followers.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about how to take the OKOKOK Or LALALA Quiz on TikTok. Hopefully, the information provided here was helpful.

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