IHOP Syrup Trend TikTok – What Is It All About?

The IHOP syrup trend has caught the attention of TikTok users and thousands of content creators have hopped onto the trend already. If you have no idea about what the IHOP Syrup Trend on TikTok is all about, we have gathered all the details for you. Here is all you need to know about the current viral IHOP Syrup trend on TikTok.

The video-sharing app features a wide range of trends and challenges that often capture the attention of its users. While many trends are harmless and creative, some have gained popularity for their NSFW content. These NSFW trends can include explicit language, suggestive behavior, or content that is inappropriate and against the community guidelines.

The reason why these NSFW trends go viral is attributed to several factors. First, TikTok’s algorithm promotes content that generates high engagement, which can include provocative or controversial material. Additionally, some users are drawn to these trends out of curiosity or the desire to participate in the latest viral challenges, even if they push the boundaries of what’s considered appropriate.

Despite all the steps that TikTok takes to enforce its community guidelines and age restrictions, content creators find a way out to share inappropriate content on the platform. Nonetheless, the TikTok app encourages users to report inappropriate content and exercise caution while engaging with trends and challenges on TikTok.

The latest viral trend ‘IHOP Syrup’ is also perceived as inappropriate by several users. Below we have gathered all the details about it.

What Is IHOP Syrup Trend On TikTok All About?

Image Of What Is IHOP Syrup Trend On TikTok All About

The viral trend involves a person sitting at the pancake chain ready to tuck into their meal and soon they look at the jug of maple syrup. Next, the person picks up the sticky sauce and takes it under the table. The videos usually end here making the audience wonder about the climax.

Most of the videos that come under this trend are captioned, “Trying the IHOP Syrup Trend”.

If you are confused about what happens next in the video, that’s an inside joke. Many of the TikTok users have found the trend inappropriate. They have requested the TikTok authorities to ban this trend from the platform.

This viral trend is an inside joke which asks the users to use the sweet sauce for a “maple syrup footjob”.

Know Your Meme also suggests that there is a series of memes regarding the maple syrup footjob. It suggests using syrup as a lubricant.

The trend initially emerged on the internet in January 2023 and then it spread across the internet over the course of the year.

Though the trend has nothing to do with IHOP, the joke started spreading on the internet following IHOP’s syrup jugs.

IHOP Syrup Trend Meaning

Image Of IHOP Syrup Trend Meaning

The viral IHOP Syrup trend has now taken over all the social media platforms and users are heading towards Twitter to talk about it. Here is how the users have reacted to this viral trend on X (Twitter).

One user wrote, “Need one of those maple syrup footjobs they be talking about at IHOP.”

Another asked, “Will u give me a maple syrup footjob at IHOP?”

Users are joking about the trend thus it is taking over the internet. Many of the users are confused about its meaning as videos on TikTok are not fully explaining it. Thousands of content creators have taken part in the trend making it earn immense popularity.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about the viral IHOP Syrup on TikTok and the reason behind its popularity. What’s your opinion about this trend? Let us know in the comment box below.

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