Is Coconut Heart A Real Thing? All You Need To Know

After coming across the term ‘Coconut Heart’ on Good Doctor, users are looking to know if it is a real thing or just a random phrase. Hundreds of users have taken to Twitter to figure out whether or not the term Coconut Heart actually exists. If you ate among these people willing to know more about the viral term ‘Coconut Heart’, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this viral medical term.

Social media helps us to get information about several new terms. From viral slang terms to informative phrases and ideas and useful tips, we get to know about hundreds of useful terms while just scrolling down social media pages.

Using these viral slang terms in your social media posts has its own benefits. First, it adds personality to your posts and second, it helps maximize your posts’ reach following their viral nature.

The latest term to take over social media platforms is ‘Coconut Heart’. Users are looking to know whether this term actually exists. To help them all below we have broken down everything about the viral Coconut Heart that has gone viral after Good Doctor.

What Is A Coconut Heart On The Good Actor?

Image Of What Is A Coconut Heart On The Good Actor

Medical drama shows often introduce us to strange medical terms and illnesses. One such term that we got to hear about is Coconut Heart and it has boggled the minds of thousands of people.

In a recent episode of Good Doctor, Jordan’s grandmother expresses discomfort in her chest and she also reports having a swollen ankle. Asher runs a thorough examination and finds a sack around the heart, swollen with calcium deposits. Dr. Audrey Lim describes this condition as a “coconut heart”.

The doctor further claims that her heart may stop functioning if the deposits were not removed surgically. Also, it may also result in narrowing the valves.

Though, Jordan was so worried about the condition of her grandmother the doctors however successfully perform the surgery. Jordan’s grandmother felt well later on.

After this episode, thousands of people have taken to several social media platforms to talk about this condition. Some are really shocked to hear this term as for many of them it is new medical terminology and they had never heard of it before.

Is Coconut Heart A Real Medical Term?

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Well, yes, Coconut Heart is actually a medical condition but an alternate name for this condition is often used. It is named Coconut Heart because a heart suffering from this disease looks like the inside of a fruit.

As revealed by Distractify, the term Coconut Heart is rarely used in medicine. When used rarely, it refers to rare instances of dystrophic left wall calcification

When the local tissues and cellular necrosis are damaged, it results in this medical complication. This medical issue is often found in middle-aged or older people. During this condition, most necrosis cells die. Also, the calcium deposits on the valve make it pretty difficult to push blood to the heart.

As the term has gone viral, some social media users have come forward to talk about their own experiences. Some users have shared tips on how to prevent it while others have used the hashtag #CoconutHeartDisease to raise awareness about it.

A few users have also talked about the importance of limiting saturated fats and exercising regularly to prevent illnesses related to the heart.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about what Coconut heart means and whether or not it is a real thing. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the information you were looking for.

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