Is Druppo Scam? Unbiased Website Review [June 2022]

Druppo is the current trendiest website that is getting traction from users across the globe. However, a few online buyers are curious to know whether Druppo is a scam or a legit website.

With an increased number of online web stores, the likelihood of users encountering scams has also increased. In such circumstances, it has become a necessity for users to check for the legitimacy of online sites before purchasing stuff online.

Millions of online buyers have reported being scammed as they relied on bogus online stores and got trapped by fake websites. Considering the increasing cases of scams a considerable number of shoppers are now well informed about such Ponzi schemes. And they try to do a legitimacy check before relying on them

To help our readers make worthy choices online, we try our level best to give unbiased reviews for websites. Following our tradition, we are here with an unbiased review for ‘Druppo’. Read the blog till the end to find out whether or not Druppo is a scam.

Is Druppo Scam Or A Legit Website?

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Before we get into the depth of whether or not Druppo is a scam, let’s check what the store has to offer for its customers.

Well, Druppo is an online site that deals in a variety of products including homeware, lighting, and furniture. You can also find home appliances on this online store.

According to the information available on the website, it is based in the UK and started its operations in the year 2008.

The website further claims that it provides expert advice for all its customers who need it. If you are someone who is seeking advice about any homeware appliance, you can count on Druppo website.

Well, this is what the website reveals about itself. But is the website a legit one? We have assessed the site on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Owner Details

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail to find out whether this is a legit site or a scam.

Is Druppo Legit?

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1. Domain Age

Although Druppo is claiming to get registered in the year 2008 but its domain is being registered on 20th June 2021. Also, the domain expired on 20th June 2022. Based on the fact that Druppo’s age is below 2 years and its domain has expired on 20th June 2022 and it seems a suspicious site.

2. Contact Details

The website has provided a contact number alongside its email address. And according to the address provided on the site, it is located in London, UK.

3. Trust Score

Druppo has earned a trust score of just 1% which again makes it a suspicious site.

4. Customer Reviews

We were able to spot some reviews on the Druppo website and most of the reviews are negative. People are claiming that it is a scam website that deals in con products. This again makes the website a red flag.

5. Social Media Presence

We were unable to spot any social media handles associated with the Druppo website. It is again a negative point.

6. Owner Details

Although we searched for the owner details on the site, we were not able to spot any information about the company’s owner.

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The Final Verdict

Based on the details we have found about Druppo, it seems a scam. The customer reviews for Druppo are mainly negative thus Druppo is not a credible website for now.

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