Is Facebook Charging 4.99 A Month To Use The Site? Debunked

Facebook users claim that the app is charging 4.99 a month to use the site. Many users are curious to know the legitimacy of this news while others believe it to be fake.

In recent times, rumors have been circulating regarding the new update on Facebook, of considering a monthly fee of 4.99 for using their site. According to the reports Facebook is considering a monthly subscription that would require users to pay 4.99 to access and enjoy the services. This information has sparked curiosity among the users. Many of the users have reached Facebook authorities to confirm the legitimacy of this news.

On social media platforms, there are a lot of scams and tricks. This news that talks about the Facebook fee also seems to be a silly internet trick. A few users have claimed that this trick has been circling Facebook since early 2023 which intends to fool people into sharing a bogus post to ‘opt out’ of the payment. Facebook is not charging users $4.99 to use the social media platform.

“Opting Out! Facebook is charging all users starting Monday. You can do an opt-out of this. Hold your finger over this message and copy,” it says. However, the Facebook CEO has not announced or shared any kind of information to start charging users. The posts are all fake.

In this article, we aim to provide complete information regarding the recent Facebook rumor surrounding monthly fees.

Has Facebook Implemented A Fee Structure For Its Site Usage?

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Facebook was rolled out on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, along with his college roommates Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz. At that time, Facebook was just created as a social networking platform to connect college students at Harvard University. However, the developers later expanded it to other colleges and universities before becoming available to the general public.

After it was introduced to the general public, it became really popular. Ever since then Facebook is a free platform That provides free access to users in every region. It provides free access and services. Facebook is not charging any kind of cost for using its website except if you sign up for its Meta Verified subscription. The users are asked to pay a monthly subscription fee to get a blue tick on their profile.

The subscription bundle includes account verification, extra impersonation protections, and access to increased visibility and support. In February Meta began testing the feature to make it easier for people to establish a presence on Instagram and Facebook.

The monthly subscription costs $11.99 (USD) on the web and $14.99 (USD) on iOS and Android. However, It is not obligatory to subscribe to it.

Facebook also has not revealed any of its plans to charge any sort of fee. So, for now, it is confirmed that Facebook is not charging 4.99 a month to use the site.

Is Facebook Charging Users To Use The Site?

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In recent days there are a lot of rumors about the new change in Facebook’s policy of charging fees. But these are all fake news about Facebook change. It is essential to collect verified information from reliable sources before relying on any of such social media posts. As the latest information, Facebook will remain a free platform.

We should keep in mind that Facebook does offer various services for advertisements and promotions with the involvement of fees. If we talk about regular users Facebook does not charge any fee.


The recent rumors of Facebook charging fees for using its websites are unfounded. This was fake news that was circling on social media platforms in the early days. There is no valid information that can prove this rumor right. So Facebook will remain a free platform for the users.

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