Is Ice Spice Dead? Death Hoax Debunked

Fans of the popular rapper Ice Spice are concerned as they have come across the news which claims that the singer is dead. Many of her fans have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to inquire about the legitimacy of the rapper. If you are among these concerned fans of Ice Spice, we have gathered all available information about this viral news. Keep reading to get all the details about whether Ice Spice is really dead or if it’s just another death hoax.

Social media is home to conspiracies and it is not a surprise to come across death hoaxes regarding famous personalities. From Mr. Bean to Kylie, Gomez and several other celebrities have fallen prey to these online death hoaxes.

The latest public figure to be declared dead by the social media army is Ice Spice. However, it is just another death hoax and Ice Spice is not dead. The rapper is alive and well and she is enjoying a healthy life.

It is so unfortunate that social media users keep sharing false news online. And what is even more concerning is, people believe everything they come across on social media.

Just a few weeks earlier social media users were tricked into believing that US politician Mitch McConnell and TV star Steve Harvey had passed away. The news was later reported to be false as both Mitch and Steve were doing well.

Is Ice Spice Really Dead?

Image Of Is Ice Spice Really Dead

The death hoax claiming Ice Spice to be dead went viral on TikTok this week. Content creators were sharing videos claiming that the 23-year-old had died. It was not just a single video that made headlines on the video-sharing app, but there were several audios that claimed the rapper to be dead.

One of these viral audios said, “It has been reported that American rapper Ice Spice has been found dead”. This audio clip featured with a black-and-white video of the rapper to make the users believe the hoax.

As soon as users came across these viral videos, they started to pay tribute to the star without knowing that she was alive. They made several comments and wrote ‘RIP’ which intensified the death hoax so it further went viral on the video-sharing app.

Here are some of the comments that people made under the viral videos. One user said, “Is Ice Spice dead??? Keep me up with this!!!”

Another user wrote, “RIP Ice Spice”.

One user even said that the rapper passed away in a car accident. They further added, “I’m literally so heartbroken”.

Nonetheless, the singer Ice Spice is not dead in 2023. She is doing well and enjoying her life.

Is The Rapper Ice Spice Doing Well?

Image Of Is The Rapper Ice Spice Doing Well

To confirm the legitimacy of this death hoax, we decided to pay a visit to her social media platforms and found that she is pretty active on all her social media handles. Her recent posts on social media made it obvious that Ice Spice is thriving right now.

Just recently, Ice Spice was seen chilling with Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West. They even made a TikTok video together and danced to Ice Spice’s famous track Munch. In a second video they were seen dancing to TikTok-famous track Boy’s a Liar.

So, it is now confirmed that the Rapper Ice Spice is well and alive in 2023 and she is enjoying the best of her health. Everything you get to hear about her is just a rumor.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the death hoax that surrounded Ice Spice. Hopefully, you have found the right information now. Follow us to get in touch with all the trendy happenings on TikTok.

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