Is Piko Preston TikTok Dead? Family Shared Tribute

The famous TikTok content creator Piko Preston is dead and his family has confirmed the news while sharing a heart-touching tribute. He was a famous comedian on TikTok and his sudden passing has saddened all his fans.

It is sad to hear about the passing of your favorite stars and especially of those who used to make you laugh. While Piko Preston was famous for making his fans laugh, he has now left them crying. The popular TikTok content creator Piko Preston is no more as his family has revealed that he is dead.

The news of this 43-year-old’s passing is revealed by his sister in a heartfelt post shared on Facebook. The passing of Piko Preston has not only saddened the TikTok users rather the entire social media is mourning his loss.

Fans are paying tributes to their favorite star on TikTok, Twitter, and on other social media platforms. Let’s look at how the popular comedian has passed away and at his career.

How Did Piko Preston Die?

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In a Facebook post shared on August 14th, 2022, the family of TikTok comedian Piko Preston revealed that he is dead. The TikTok content creator was 43-year-old at the time of passing.

So far, the reason behind his death is unknown as the family has not revealed it yet. The devastating news of his passing was shared by Piko Preston’s sister. In the post, she wrote how energetic and generous Piko Preston was. She also talked about meeting him in June. In case you have missed this post, what Piko’s elder sister wrote:

“My wonderful, energetic, wild, generous, funny, and much loved little brother Jon (Piko Preston) passed away this week at the age of 43. I can’t even wrap my head around a world without him in it. Jon is the most generous person I have ever known.”

She further added, “He recently began a TikTok account where his beautiful smile, wicked sense of humor, and impeccable comedic timing made his one million followers laugh on a daily basis. We love you so much Jon-Jon. I am so glad I got one last hug when we visited in June. We will all do our best to be more giving and loving to honor your example. Until we meet again.”

The tribute was rolled alongside a family picture. The post went viral and Piko’s fans gathered to pay him respect. His fans also sent prayers to his family.

Ever since the news about Piko’s passing is revealed, fans are pouring social media platforms with tributary messages.

Is Piko Preston Really Dead?

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Piko was a famous comedian with a followers count of 1 million. He amassed more than 13.1 million likes on all his videos.

He used to create content under the username @pikotrain5. Piko was known for creating hilarious lip-sync videos. This popular content creator also used to collaborate with other online personalities on TikTok.

His passing has saddened the TikTok community. They have taken it to Twitter to share their thoughts about the late comedian.

One person wrote, “So sad to hear… such a great guy, loved his humor and take on life. You will be missed.”

Another said, “I can’t believe this man has passed away”.

“I’m sorry you are gone too soon, RIP”, wrote another fan.

Fans of Piko are praying for his family as well. The entire TikTok community is mourning his loss.

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The Last Words

This was all about Piko Preston and the devastating news of his death. May he find peace and may his soul fly in the sky.

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