Is Qatar Using Fake Fans To Promote World Cup? Debunked

The FIFA world cup is right next to the corner and TikTok already is full of speculations. TikTok users are accusing Qatar is using fake fans to promote the world cup 2022. But are these claims legit? Here we have provided all the details about whether or not Qatar is using fake fans to promote the FIFA world cup 2022.

Several speculations are emerging on TikTok after several videos are being uploaded by a Qatari company. Users are claiming that the company may have hired fake fans to support foreign nations with the aim to promote the world cup.

The latest talk of the town is the FIFA world cup and this year Qatar is the country to host this cup. Qatar is all set to host Ecuador in the opening fixture on Sunday, November 21.

Though the world cup has not officially started, some videos circulating on TikTok have paved the path for several controversies. The videos feature several people representing different nations, after watching the audience from different countries; people have shared their suspicion about how people arrived in Qatar to support their teams even before the tournament started.

So, are these real fans or fake? We have gathered all the details. Keep reading!

TikTok Users Accused Qatar For Using Fake Fans To Promote World Cup

Image Of TikTok Users Accused Qatar For Using Fake Fans To Promote World Cup

TikTok users have become suspicious after a Qatari company Qatar Living posted some clips on the video-sharing platform. The TikTok handle Qatar Living mainly promotes local Qatari businesses and shares tips for visitors.

Ahead of the FIFA world cup 2022, Qatar Living posted some videos that featured groups of fans supporting different teams including Argentina, Brazil, and England. The videos showed groups of fans gathering in the capital city of Qatar, Doha, and were seen chanting slogans.

All the fans featured in the video were seen wearing their nation’s colors while holding banners and waving flags. In a few clips, they were even seen dancing and chanting slogans.

As the videos have gone viral on TikTok, users have assumed that the fans that are being shown in the videos are fake.

Most of these clips were posted on TikTok on Friday, November 4, some 16 days before the World Cup begins. So, how come fans have moved to Qatar when the tournament is 16 days away? To your information, there weren’t 2 or 3 fans but huge groups of people each supporting different nations.

Some viewers also noticed that in the video that featured England fan footage, there was very little chanting instead the group members were playing different slogans instead.

Several users have taken the case to Twitter to confirm if Qatar is using fake fans to promote the World Cup. One user exclaimed on Twitter, “I do wonder if they just hired random people to cheer”.

Qatar Using Fake Fans To Promote World Cup 2022

Image Of Qatar Using Fake Fans To Promote World Cup 2022

Qatar Living is not the only company that has posted images and videos of fans supporting different countries. B/R football has also posted images featuring fans wearing T-shirts that read “Brazil Fans Qatar” on the back. As of now, there is not any confirmed news about whether Qatar has provided these shirts to Brazil supporters in Doha or if they are just fake fans.

A few reports claim that some fans are being paid to attend the world cup as country ambassadors. The Guardian has reported that groups of fans are been paid to travel to the World Cup in order to represent England and Wales. They are invited to be part of the opening ceremony and they will attend the tournament as official representatives of the country.

The Times has also rolled a report explaining that ‘80 people from England and Wales had agreed to take up roles as representatives’. These fans will represent their countries while adhering to certain terms and conditions.

Talking about these fan groups, representatives of the Qatar World Cup have revealed that the fan ambassadors are “playing a crucial role” in the tournament.

So, the videos that are flaunted across TikTok are possibly featuring these fan ambassadors from different countries.

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The Last Words

This was all about whether or not Qatar is using fake fans to promote the world cup 2022. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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