Is Shay Mitchell Bisexual? TikTok Trend Left Her Fans In Tizzy

Shay Mitchell is making headlines on TikTok as she has left her fans in disbelief after participating in the ‘if you identify as a bisexual, do you own a green velvet couch trend’ on TikTok. The trend aims at revealing the sexuality of people on the TikTok platform. Several celebrities have participated in this trend and among them is Shay Mitchell. Shay’s fans are screaming after she hinted at her sexuality in her viral TikTok video. Here is whether Shay Mitchell really is bisexual as the TikTokers’ opinion, or not!

Shay Mitchell has a vast followers count on almost all social media platforms. Like every other social media platform, Shay has gathered an enormous number of her fans on her TikTok handle as well. As of now, she has garnered over 7.3 million followers on her TikTok handle that goes under the username ‘shaymitchell’. She has earned a whooping 178.7 Million likes on her videos so far.

Her latest video, where the artist participated in a sexuality reveal trend, went viral on the video-sharing platform. It has amassed 1.5 million views so far and is being poured with thousands of videos as well.

Though Shay talked about her attraction toward women earlier, she never labeled her sexuality until participating in this TikTok trend. Here is what we know about Shay’s sexuality so far. Keep reading!

Shay Mitchell’s If You Identify As A Bisexual Do You Own A Green Velvet Couch Trend TikTok

Image Of Shay Mitchell’s If You Identify As A Bisexual Do You Own A Green Velvet Couch Trend TikTok

The latest trend that is going viral on TikTok, ‘If You Identify As A Bisexual Do You Own A Green Velvet Couch’ aims at revealing the sexuality of people. Several people have participated in the trend but none have got attention as much as Shay Mitchell the Pretty Little Liars star.

She posted a duet with user @keepitspooky to participate in the sexuality-revealing trend. The video was posted on 5th October and since then her fans are left in Tizzy.

In the duet video, @keepitspooky asks “If you identify as a bisexual, do you own a green velvet couch?” To answer this question, the Pretty Little Liars star simply lies down on a green couch. However, she didn’t utter even a single word about her sexuality.

As the video went viral, TikTok users are quick to judge. They have poured her comment box with questions asking if it was a hint towards her Shay being Bisexual or if it was just a random video.

Here is how Shay’s fans have reacted to her viral video:

One of her fans wrote, “Is this a coming out video? How did I not know this? Lots of love shay, my childhood crush.”

Another wrote, “Yes! It’s about damn time…welcome to the club.”

“Wait….does this mean our queen is bisexual? I’m screaming”, wrote another.

“People freaking out about this now when she confirmed it years ago lmao”, confirmed one of her fans.

Did Shay Mean She Is Bisexual In The TikTok Trend?

Image Of Did Shay Mean She Is Bisexual In The TikTok Trend

Though the viral TikTok doesn’t confirm anything about whether or not Shay Mitchell is bisexual, the artist has talked about being attracted to women in one of her past interviews.

During her conversation with her co-star Ian Harding, when she was last attracted to women, to this she replied:

“Wow. Every day. For me, it’s never been ‘I need to find a boyfriend, I need to find this, I truly feel like I do fall in love with a person.”

At another event in 2017, she talked about her Pretty Little Liar character, Emily, who was a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Revealing about the character she said:

“Look, Emily doesn’t label herself, and I don’t label myself either. I fall in love with the spirit of somebody. Love is love, and that’s something that I’ll keep saying.”

Despite expressing her attraction toward women, there is no information about her being in a serious relationship with any woman so far.

Shay has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Matte Babel since 2017. She also has two daughters with Matte. Her elder daughter Atlas Noa was born in 2017 while her younger one Rome was born in May 2022.

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The Last Words

Shay Mitchell has never labeled her sexuality thus it is difficult to say whether or not she is bisexual. So, it is better not to label her with any sexuality until she herself reveals one.

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