Is The Alien Confirmation Video On TikTok Legit? Explained

Users on TikTok are coming across a video titled Alien Confirmation; several users are now looking to know if it’s legit. If you are among such users looking to find the legitimacy of the viral Alien Confirmation Video on TikTok, we have gotten you covered; here is whether this video is legit or not.

 TikTok has become a platform where users can share various forms of content, including stories about aliens and alien encounters. These videos often fall under the genre of paranormal, conspiracy theories, or science fiction, and they can attract a significant audience due to their captivating and mysterious nature.

Due to the captivating and mysterious nature of videos about aliens and alien encounters, they often have the potential to go viral on TikTok. Viral content on the platform typically spreads rapidly and reaches a vast audience, making these videos widely popular.

Recently, an alien conformation video is going viral on TikTok. The video claims to offer evidence confirming the existence of “aliens”. However, it is essential to recognize that the video’s intention is not to provide accurate information but to gain attention and popularity by targeting those who might be misinformed or easily swayed by sensational claims.

Recent events, such as the UFO hearing on July 26, where former military officers testified about alleged encounters with extraterrestrials, have sparked increased interest and belief in the possibility of aliens among us. While these testimonies have intrigued some, they have also led to the spread of baseless rumors and misinformation, such as the viral video mentioned above.

Here is more about this viral Alien video.

Is The Alien Confirmation Video On TikTok Real?

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The TikTok video claiming to “confirm” the reality of aliens has gone viral, amassing over a million views, largely due to its exaggerated captions. The 40-second clip features David Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence officer, being questioned by congresswoman Nancy Mace regarding “extraterrestrials.”

In the video, Congresswoman Mace inquires whether he believes “our government has made contact with extraterrestrials.” In response, David Grusch states, “Something I can’t discuss in a public setting.”

Moving on to her next question, Congresswoman Mace inquires about the U.S. military’s alleged retrieval of “crashed crafts” and whether they possess the “bodies of the pilots that piloted these crafts.”

David Grusch responds by stating that “non-human biologics” were indeed recovered from these crash sites but refrains from confirming the origin or identity of these entities.

However, it is important to note that the actual dialogue between David Grusch and Congresswoman Mace solely addresses claims regarding extraterrestrial encounters. The viral video that gained popularity falsely asserts that the existence of aliens has been definitively ‘confirmed.

Alien Confirmation Video TikTok

Image Of Alien Confirmation Video TikTok

Biologics, an alternative term for biology, pertains to all aspects related to living organisms, including components like blood, cells, and tissues. “Non-human biologics” refers to samples that do not originate from humans and could belong to various other living creatures.

Despite this clarification, David’s claims about “remains” supposedly retrieved from a crash site have been inaccurately associated with aliens, despite a lack of supporting evidence.

Critics argue that the same “non-human biologics” could be extracted from any non-human creatures and do not necessarily imply their origin from “aliens,” as many have wrongly assumed.

Another misconception is that the “non-human biologics” are attributed to “non-human” pilots, which David never explicitly stated. He mentioned being aware of “non-human” pilots based on alleged witness accounts, but he did not affirm that the remains belonged to unidentified creatures.

So, this is a baseless rumor that users have also figured out. One user wrote, “So what are they trying to distract us from? Because this is blown out of proportion.”

Another added, “This is going to turn into an Avatar movie for sure. Too wild to believe.”

“He never said aliens. And where’s the evidence? Nothing’s confirmed,” Said one.

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The Final Thoughts

The viral Alien Conformation video on TikTok is not legit. It is a baseless rumor that has gone viral on the video-sharing app. Make sure to check the legitimacy of any news before relying on it blindly.

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