Is Trisha Paytas Dead In 2022? Death Hoax Debunked

Fans of the famous YouTuber Trisha Paytas are wondering to know is she is dead or alive in 2022 as a viral death hoax surrounding the influencer is making rounds on the internet. If you are among these fans of Trisha Paytas, we have got you all the details about whether this is just a rumor or whether Trisha Paytas really is dead in 2022.

It is not a surprise to come across death hoaxes on the internet. There is not a single celebrity left who hasn’t fallen victim to online death hoaxes. From Mr. Bean to David Beckham, Mr. Beast, and many more, we have encountered hundreds and thousands of death hoaxes as of now.

The death hoaxes keep hitting social media platforms each day. Some users spread such fake news to become popular and a few do it out of fun.

The recent death hoax to take over the internet involved the famous YouTuber Trisha Paytas. As fans have come across the news, they have taken it to several social media platforms to confirm whether this news is true or mere a rumor. This has aided the death hoax and it has gone immensely viral on several social media platforms. But is Trisha Paytas really dead in 2022 or is it a rumor? We have broken down everything below. Keep reading!

Is YouTuber Trisha Paytas Dead?

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Though there is no information about who started the death hoax, the news has spread on the internet like wildfire. And unfortunately, the majority of her fans have believed the news without doing any research.

A few internet users have tried to confirm the news as well. As per our research, the YouTuber star is enjoying the best of health and is alive. All the claims about Trisha Paytas’s death in 2022 are false.

The YouTuber has a lot to look forward to this year. She is pregnant and is expecting her first baby. She even has taken it to YouTube to post her recent video about opening up an old MacBook.

Her last video has garnered several views and comments. Trisha is also quite active on her social media pages. She has just recently posted on her Facebook Page. Paytas has more than 582K followers on her Facebook page.

Well, this is not the first time Trisha has fell victim to death hoaxes. Earlier in 2020, #riptrisha made trends on Twitter and fans thought she passed away. However, it again was a lie and Trisha is doing well.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas Dead?

Image Of YouTuber Trisha Paytas Dead

In one of her Tweets on Twitter made in April 2022, the YouTube content creator revealed that she is expecting a baby girl. She added her baby’s gender reveal party pictures to share with her fans that she is expecting a baby girl.

Fans are desperate to meet the baby of Trisha as she is about to deliver her first child. A few users are joking about her delivery and have written on Twitter that, Trisha might deliver her baby on 9/11.

Well, jokes apart, Trisha is not dead in 2022, she is alive and enjoying best of her health. Internet users are requested not to rely on all the information they come across. It is necessary to find the source of that particular news and to know whether or not it is from an authentic source.

If you come across any Tweet that is spreading false information, don’t hesitate to report it there and then.

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The Bottom Line

We will conclude the article with the confirmation that Trisha Paytas is not dead in 2022, she is expecting her first child and enjoying best of her health.

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