Is WhatsApp Down On 25th October 2022? Explained

Users from several countries have reported that WhatsApp is down on 25th October 2022. Unable to send and receive messages, WhatsApp users have taken to Twitter to inquire about the outage. Down Detector has also signaled at the popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ being down right now. Here we have broken down everything about whether or not WhatsApp is down on 25th October 2022 and if there is any fix to get rid of it.

Social media outages have become pretty common these days. From Instagram to Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, every social media app keeps encountering glitches.

Well, it is not a surprise for these platforms to face outages as they are being used by millions of users from across the globe. In such a scenario, it sometimes becomes hard for the servers to manage huge amounts of data thus the users have to face outages.

Currently, users from several countries have reported that the most popular social messaging app, ‘WhatsApp’ is not working. Users have taken to Twitter to confirm the outage while others have rushed to check the Down Detector.

If you are not receiving any messages on WhatsApp right now, it’s not an issue with your phone or the internet. It is just that the messaging app WhatsApp is facing a major outage today on 25th October 2022.

WhatsApp Down For Several Users Across The Globe On 25th October 2022

Image Of WhatsApp Down For Several Users Across The Globe On 25th October 2022

As per the reports we have received from The Down Detector, the users started reporting the outage at 12:12 PM IST. So far, more than 3000 users have reported about the app being down. It has been more than an hour and the app is still not working.

As the users are unable to send/receive messages or make any calls on WhatsApp, they have rushed to other social media platforms to figure out whether or not they are alone in this. Surprisingly, WhatsApp is down for millions of users for more than an hour now. Users are not really happy about it and they are asking Meta to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Meme creators are also making the best out of this situation and they have been sharing memes ever since the app started misbehaving.

Here is how the users have reported about WhatsApp’s today’s outage on Twitter:

One user wrote, “Me after restarting my phone, putting it on airplane mode and uninstalling WhatsApp and then coming to Twitter only to know that WhatsApp is down”.

Another wrote, “Everyone checking in on Twitter when WhatsApp or Instagram or Facebook is down”.

“Everyone running to Twitter to confirm if WhatsApp is down,” stated another.

‘I’ve now realized how much I rely on WhatsApp lmao”, Tweeted one user.

Is WhatsApp Down Right Now?

Image Of Is WhatsApp Down Right Now

It is a fun situation for Twitter users as all the WhatsApp users have rushed to the Bird App to confirm the ongoing issue with the messaging app. Explaining this situation one user Tweeted:

“Whenever WhatsApp is down, Twitter is the place to confirm. Everyone is running to Twitter to confirm if it’s their phone or WhatsApp is down.

“Me apologizing to my wifi after finding out WhatsApp is down”, joked another on the Bird App.

Another user Tweeted sarcastically “Me: *checks Wi-Fi*

 Disconnects from Wi-Fi*

Reconnects to Wi-Fi*

Checks WhatsApp*

Restarts phone*

Checks WhatsApp*

Checks Wi-Fi*

Finally checks Twitter*”

Following the hundreds and thousands of Tweets made on Twitter, the hashtag #WhatsApp is currently trending on the Bird App.

Though the messaging app is currently down for more than an hour, WhatsApp has not addressed the issue yet. Users are keeping stock of the social media handles of WhatsApp and Meta to get any details about the outage.

If you too are blaming your internet for not sending messages on WhatsApp, you are simply wasting your energy.

There is not a single fix to help you send messages on WhatsApp right now. So, let’s just wait for the social messaging app to handle the issue and fix the outage.

For now, put aside your phones or read the Tweets about this outage. You surely are going to enjoy it. Rest, we hope that the issue gets resolved soon.

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The Bottom Line

After assessing the entire situation, it is now safe to say that WhatsApp is down on 25th October 2022. The first report about this outage was made at 12:12 Pm IST on the Down Detector, the issue still prevails as of writing.

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