John Cena Announces Retirement From WWE In-Ring Competition 2025 – Explained

John Cena, a well-known WWE wrestler dedicated to entertaining fans, recently announced retirement from the WWE (wrestling) in-ring competition in 2025. He will remain involved with WWE until 2025 despite stepping away from in-ring competitions. If you are his true fan and want to know more about his retirement from the WWE in-ring competition, here is all you need. Stay connected for further details.

WWE wrestling is a form of entertainment that combines athleticism and storytelling. Wrestlers, also known as Superstars, perform in matches where they display impressive physical skills and engage in dramatic storylines. These matches take place in a ring, and each wrestler has a unique persona or character. The goal is to win matches and championships, but it’s also about putting on a great show for the audience. WWE events are watched by millions of fans around the world, both in arenas and on television, making it a popular and exciting spectacle. People love to watch their favorite superstars and support them.

WWE wrestlers are athletes who perform in exciting and dramatic matches for the entertainment of fans. Each wrestler has their own unique character and style. John Cena is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers, known for his strength, charisma, and signature catchphrases. He has won many championships and is loved by fans for his dedication and impressive performances. Alongside Cena, many other talented wrestlers compete in WWE, creating thrilling storylines and memorable moments that keep audiences engaged and entertained. Recently, a piece of news has been circling all around the internet that John Cena has announced his retirement from WWE in-ring competition (2025).

Let’s see if this news is true or false. Keep reading for all the detailed updates.

Is John Cena Taking Retirement From WWE In-Ring Competition?

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John Cena, who has been a part-time WWE superstar since 2018, has achieved great success, becoming a 16-time World Champion, a record he shares with Ric Flair. However, in 2024, there has been a lot of talk about his potential retirement from WWE. At 47 years old, Cena mentioned that he didn’t plan to wrestle beyond the age of 50 and had previously discussed his retirement timeline and dream final match location.

Given this, many fans hoped he would continue wrestling for another three years. Unfortunately, it seems he might be leaving the sport sooner than everyone expected. This news has been disappointing for his supporters who wanted to see more of his incredible performances in the ring. Cena’s departure marks the end of an era for many WWE enthusiasts who have followed his remarkable career over the years.

During WWE’s 2024 Money in the Bank event on July 7, John Cena announced that he was retiring from wrestling. In an emotional speech, Cena told the audience that he was “officially” stepping away from WWE, which left the crowd very upset. However, he also reassured his fans that his departure wouldn’t be immediate, as he would remain involved with WWE until 2025.

More About WWE Wrestler John Cena And His Retirement

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Before retiring from wrestling, John Cena revealed that he would still compete in the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber events and participate in Raw’s move to Netflix. Besides being a wrestler, Cena has also starred in many Hollywood movies and has been part of several Netflix series. He also confirmed that his final match would be at Las Vegas WrestleMania 2025. As the crowd chanted “Thank you, Cena,” the WWE superstar was visibly moved.

“What an incredible gesture of kindness,” Cena said. “I want to say thank you. Thank you so much for letting me perform in the place you created for so many years. Thank you for always making your voices heard because they are loud, and for your honesty because it is beautifully straightforward.”

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Final Thoughts

This was all the available information regarding John Cena’s retirement from WWE in-ring competition (2025).

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