Lola Bunny Challenge Twitter – Explained

The popular Lola Bunny Challenge has resurfaced on Twitter and users are going gaga over it. Several Twitter users are urging their followers not to look up the Lola Bunny Challenge on Google. What is the trend all about and why are people asking one another to stay away from it? Here is everything you need to know about this viral Twitter challenge. Stay tuned!

Social media is full of bizarre trends. Though TikTok is among the most controversial app of all, but other social media platforms also are no way behind in terms of having bizarre trends. The latest trend that has annoyed the users on Twitter is the ‘Lola Bunny Challenge’. This is not the first time this challenge had gone viral on the Bird App.

The trend initially went viral on the app after the movie Space Jam: A new Legacy got popularity on the internet. The movie became popular for all the wrong reasons. In the movie, viewers didn’t like the new feminine features of Lola as the character was being objectified. This character was seen in crop tops and shorts throughout the movie.

At the same time, the Lola Bunny Trend appeared on the internet and it didn’t settle well for the majority of the users.

Nonetheless, this trend is once again making rounds on the internet and here we have gathered all the details about it.

What Is The Lola Bunny Challenge On Twitter?

Image Of What Is The Lola Bunny Challenge On Twitter

Whenever people find something bizarre on the internet, they ask their friends to look it up on Google while recording their reactions. These reaction videos later are posted to social media platforms and they make bizarre trends go viral. The same was the case of Rainbow Kiss, Colorado Camp Fire, and my Pony Jar meme on TikTok.

All these trends disgusted the users but they still managed to get popularity on the video-sharing app. Out of curiosity, several people look up these words on Google and the trends keep revolving online.

The latest trend that is currently going viral on Twitter has come to the limelight following a similar tactic. Several users asked their friends to look up the Lola Bunny Challenge on Google and they went viral instantly.

The trend is explained in detail on the ’Know Your Meme’ website but the website has also warned the readers as the trend talks about explicit content.

This bizarre trend initially went viral after a user Chelodoy, posted an artistic piece of Lola Bunny on several internet platforms on 8th April 2021. This was an animation video where the popular Lola Bunny character was seen extending a leg over the camera and doing squats while completely naked.

As the animation went viral on several internet platforms, users started to attempt it. This bizarre NSFW trend has now reached all social media platforms including Twitter. As it is now trending on Twitter, users are urging their followers to stay away from it.

Lola Bunny Challenge Twitter Meaning

Image Of Lola Bunny Challenge Twitter Meaning

A few users on Twitter are trying their best to cancel this challenge from all social media platforms. They are demanding the authorities ban this trend and they also have requested their followers and friends to stay away from this trend.

Here is how Twitter users have reacted to this trend on the Bird App:

One user wrote, “Don’t search Lola bunny challenge”

Another said, “Don’t search Lola bunny challenge on here because some of those things look disgusting”.

“Lola Bunny Challenge really shouldn’t be on Twitter. Silhouette challenge and the drop it likes it hot was okay”, added another user.

“Idk what I was expecting the Lola bunny challenge to be, but it wasn’t that. Shocked? Entirely. Bothered by it? Umm, shared another user.

After the trend has gone viral on the internet, several users have blamed the director of the film ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ to represent Lola as such a bold character. However, the director Malcolm D. Lee has defended the character saying:

“This is 2021. It’s important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters. She probably has the most human characteristics of the Tunes; she doesn’t have a thing like a carrot or a lisp or a stutter.”

He further added, “So we reworked a lot of things, not only her look, like making sure she had an appropriate length on her shorts and was feminine without being objectified, but gave her a real voice. For us, it was, let’s ground her athletic prowess, her leadership skills, and make her as full a character as the others”.

Nonetheless, this character has done more bad than good and fans are not really happy about it.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Lola Bunny Challenge on Twitter is all about and why users are requesting their friends to ignore it on all social media platforms. What’s your opinion about this trend? Let us know in the comment box below.

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