Crazy Frog Dead Trend On Twitter — Explained

Users on Twitter are getting behind a viral trend that claims the crazy frog to be dead. But how can an animated character die? Well, anything can happen on social media! Here is why users on Twitter think that the popular CGI character, ‘The Crazy Frog Is Dead’.

The social media world is crazy! It is the place where you are going to witness the craziest content and you will get to hear about things that are jaw-dropping. From theories about alien creatures to spooky objects and time machines, you will encounter content that is hard to absorb. However, this is how the charming world of social media functions.

Unlike other social media platforms, we get to see very few trends go viral on Twitter. Nonetheless, there are a few trends that have gone far beyond our expectations.

The latest trend to reign on the popular bird app is Crazy Frog Dead Trend which claims the famous CGI character to be dead. Here is what we know about this trend so far.

What Is The Crazy Frog Dead Trend On Twitter?

Image Of What Is The Crazy Frog Dead Trend On Twitter

The Crazy Frog Dead Trend is sweeping the bird App as users have come across a Tweet that claims the CGI character to be dead.  As the Tweet has gone viral, people have started sharing hilarious theories. Although everyone is aware of the fact that an animate character cannot die, thousands are getting behind the viral Twitter thread to have fun.

Having known that Crazy Frog is just a character, Twitter users are feeling for it. The trend emerged on Twitter after an account titled @CrazyFrogInfo rolled a Tweet that read, “Crazy Frog has died.”

Another post followed by this Tweet read: “Will follow up with updates if/when I get confirmation.”

The trend got traction when the official Twitter account of Crazy Frog handle responded to this viral Tweet saying “I don’t think so”. The Tweet clarified that Crazy Frog is not dead.

Well, if you are a passionate fan of this animated character, you must be aware that this is not the first time this character is assumed dead. The Twitter account that is spreading the rumors now had done this one more time in the past. This same Twitter handle said, “Crazy Frog has died” in one of their Tweets made on June 22, 2021.

Fans have now understood that this is just a joke that has resurfaced on Twitter. After getting to know about the reality of this joke, users have started joking about it by sharing even funnier jokes.

Is Crazy Frog Dead?            

Image Of Is Crazy Frog Dead

No, the crazy frog is not dead and it will never be. However, Twitter users are using this trend as a joke, and here are some notable Tweets made by Twitter users following this trend.

One user said, “Yeah he was just arrested by INTERPOL, it is okay. Crazy Frog was just lying about being dead. Don’t know why.”

Another user Tweeted, “3 days later, Crazy Frog rose from the dead.”

“Thank god you ain’t dead, it’s an Easter miracle”, Tweeted another user.

“I thought they shot you dead for tax evasion,” said one.

“Breaking news: Crazyfrog found dead- foul play suspected12” joked another user on Twitter.

“Crazy Frog has been shot dead in a gang shootout in Miami,” Tweeted another user.

As hundreds of users are getting involved in this Twitter Trend, the crazy frog trend is getting attention on other social media platforms as well.

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The Final Words

This was all about the trendy Twitter meme that claims the famous CGI character to be dead. Hopefully, you have found all the details about this viral trend.

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