Here’s What My Yellow Mean On Tiktok

Heard a lot about “My Yellow’’ trend on Tiktok in few recent days? Want to know what exactly it refers to? We are here to help. Keep reading and you will know all important facts about “My Yellow” trending on Tiktok.

Initially most of the people thought that this Tiktok filter will turn their face yellow. Because, Tiktok has always been revolving around colors since its launch. From checking Whiteness of teeth to changing hair colors, it has introduced so many trends. But this time My Yellow doesn’t refer to a color effect neither the filter is going to change your face color to yellow.

These days people on Tiktok are sharing billions of videos saying “My Yellow” and this term actually refers to the people/animals they love. It might be their pets, their cousins, friends, siblings, parents, or any other important individual in their life.

My Yellow On Tiktok

Image Of My Yellow On Tiktok

While scrolling across your Tiktok account, you might have seen a lot of videos using Hashtag My Yellow. And most probably you would have picked up instantly what exactly it means. By using the term “My Yellow” Most of the people are referring to the love of their lives. Being more specific, the term My Yellow refers to the song “Yellow”. People are using a remixed version of this Coldplay’s song. Particularly, the following lyrics.

And it was all yellow
Oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
You know
You know I love you so
You know I love you so

The videos will start with a picture or a small clip of their loved ones, with a text saying “My Yellow”. The video may also contain a slideshow of their pictures, screenshots or text conversations or just some straight snaps of their partner.

Some people are showing their creativity by making videos for their cute pets. They post pictures of their pet buddies using the Hashtag My Yellow and that’s quite adorable.

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What Does My Yellow Mean On Tiktok

Image Of What Does My Yellow Mean On Tiktok

Social media is full of trends, and most of us are following the trends that are making fun of people or pulling their legs. Honestly, we all love the videos covering some pranks. Among all these trends My Yellow trend on Tiktok has shifted our attention towards the positive vibes.

It has reminded us the value of people in our lives. And it really feels good to see love all around. Since the trend has started, videos using #MyYellow have crossed more than 1.9 billion views. Tiktok users have made more than 72000 videos following this trend. These figures prove that people are loving this new trend and we going to see more videos like these in the upcoming days.

My Yellow isn’t only for the people around you. Some Tiktok users have also made emotional videos referring to their loved ones who are no more with them or who have passed away. This trend was featured on Tiktok discover page on 26th October 2020.


In the race of following trends on social media, people don’t have much time for their loved ones. As, they are more concerned about their position in this race. In all this situation, My Yellow Trend on Tiktok is behaving as a node that ties the loved ones together.

This trend has given people a moment of love, peace and care. It has reminded them about the importance of their loved ones in their lives. We need more trends like these to spread happiness and positive vibes all around.

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