Mysterious Iron Ball On Japanese Beach – A Spy Balloon Or A UFO?

Japanese authorities have found a mysterious iron ball on Enshu Beach in Hamamatsu City. The news has sparked debates over social media where some users are claiming it to be a UFO while others think it’s a spy balloon like the one that US authorities found recently. Though there is no confirmed information about this mysterious object, it has become viral news on the internet. Here is everything we have found about this Mysterious Iron Ball found on the Japanese beach.

Social media platforms are home to speculations and theories. If you are an avid social media user, you must have witnessed how users come up with speculations about strange happenings on social media. Just recently, the users were immersed in news related to the spy balloon that was seen flying over the U.S. And later the news related to the unchartered land covered in dinosaurs found in China became the talk of the town.

Another similar happening is getting traction over social media where users are sharing their opinion about the metal sphere found on the Japanese beach. Users are making all sorts of guesses about this alien object. Below we have gathered all the details about it.

What Is That Mysterious Iron Ball Found On Japanese Beach?

Image Of What Is That Mysterious Iron Ball Found On Japanese Beach

Though there is not much information about what the mysterious ball found in Japan is, it is said to be an iron ball with a diameter of 1.5 meters. A local woman informed the authorities about the strange ball. After they got to know about this alien ball, officials restricted access to the area encompassing a 200-meter radius. The investigation is underway and authorities have not disclosed any information about this mysterious ball yet.

As per the Japanese news outlet Asahi News, the sphere is rusted and contains a protrusion that resembles a handle that may be used to hook to another object. Another news channel FNN has reported that it appeared to be hollow from the inside after an X-ray scan was conducted.

As of now, officials are sure about the sphere being not explosive. However, they are still investigating the matter. The restrictions to access the beach were listed by 4 pm.

After coming across this news, social media users have started comparing it to the Spy Balloon that was recently spotted in the US.

Japanese Beach Mysterious Metal Sphere Found

Image Of Japanese Beach Mysterious Metal Sphere Found

After examining the early images of the sphere found online, users have an opinion that it is a mooring buoy.

The readers who have no idea about what a mooring buoy is, it is used to moor ships in the deep ocean. Mooring is referred to the act of making a ship or a boat move faster using anchors.

In a mooring buoy, a heavy weight is attached to its bottom that acts like an anchor while the sphere floats on the water.

Even though the X-ray scan has proved that the metal is hollow from the inside, social media users are still sharing wild theories about it.

Some users believe that it might contain aliens while others believe that it might be a Vegeta capsule. Others are sure that Goku would emerge from it while others have an opinion that it is UFO.

However, considering the look of the ball, some users believe it must be a mooring buoy. To confirm what this object really is, we all need to wait for the authorities to come up with their final report.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information related to the Mysterious Iron Ball found on the Japanese beach. What is your opinion about this mysterious object? Let us know in the comment section below.

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