Nudge Meaning On TikTok – New Feature Explained

The term ‘Nudge’ is confusing users on TikTok after they have received notifications from their friends featuring this term, do you know the meaning of this current viral term? Are you being nudged by someone on TikTok and now you are confused about what to do next? Well, do not worry anymore as you have got us. Below we have provided all the available details about the term Nudge and its meaning.

It is not a surprise to come across alien terms on TikTok. As the app is constantly evolving, it is pretty common for TikTok users to come across new features and terminologies.

The ByteDance-owned Chinese app initially came up as a short video-sharing platform but it later evolved to become a complete social media package. Now, on the platform, you will get to see all essential social media features like going live, reposting content, trendy filters and effects, and last but least trending soundtracks.

As the app has attracted massive attention from social media users, it is now further modifying its features to be the best fit for its users.

One of the latest features that TikTok has rolled out is the ‘Nudge’ feature. Some users are comparing it to the Poke feature of Facebook that the Meta-owned app had in the initial years of its anticipation. But let us tell you that this feature has nothing to do with the Poke feature of Facebook and is not related at all.

Below we have gathered all the details about the Nudge feature, its meaning, and how to use it on TikTok.

What Is The Meaning Of Nudge On TikTok?

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The latest nudge feature has nothing in common with the Poke feature of Facebook. While the Poke feature was used to greet people in order to interact with them while the Nudge feature has a totally different function.

The nudge feature of TikTok notifies a content creator to go live. Once a TikTok user nudges you, they will be able to have the access to your live update from your handle. According to Distractify, the feature is currently going through the testing phase thus it might only be available to a few users.

This new feature aims at increasing user engagement and leveling up the interaction level among content creators and their followers. Upon clicking a single option, fans will now be able to get live updates of their favorite creators.

This is not the first time this feature has appeared on TikTok. Earlier in the summer, it was first tried on the platform but it didn’t get the expected traction from users as they were unable to figure out how to use the feature.

Users created several videos sharing their confusion around this feature. These videos are still available on the video-sharing platform.

Is Nudge Same As Facebook Poke?

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If you don’t want your followers to get notified about when you go live, you can simply disable the nudge feature. You can toggle off the feature “Allow viewers to nudge you” if you don’t like the feature.

If you want to nudge a creator, you can go to their handle and tap on the small bell on the top-right of your screen. There you will find the option to change your live Notification Settings, under which you can find a button that allows you to nudge the creator.

TikTok has not made this feature public yet and it also has not talked about it. However, users are comparing it to the poke feature of Facebook.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the viral Nudge feature on TikTok is, its meaning, and its usage. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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