Random Calls Scamming Users On WhatsApp – Beware Of These Scams

Users on social media platforms are reporting that they are receiving random calls on their WhatsApp, they are looking to find out if it’s a scamming attempt. If you are among such users receiving random WhatsApp calls, here is what you should do next. Keep reading to get all the details.

WhatsApp users have never been entirely safe from potential scams because scammers have consistently targeted the platform to exploit the users. Considering the popularity of WhatsApp, the users on this platform have become the prime target for malicious actors. They are applying several tactics to deceive and defraud users.

The commonly used scamming techniques include phishing messages, impersonating trusted contacts, or creating fake offers. They also trick users into sharing personal information and clicking malicious links. Though WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption adds an extra layer of security to conversations, it doesn’t entirely protect users from falling victim to social engineering schemes.

As WhatsApp is continuously evolving and introducing new features, scammers are also adopting new ways to exploit these changes. To combat such scams on WhatsApp, users must remain vigilant and, exercise caution when interacting with unfamiliar contacts.

Currently, users on WhatsApp are receiving random calls and users are reporting them as potential scamming attempts. To help them understand what these random video calls could mean, below we have gathered all the details.

Random Video Calls On WhatsApp

Image Of Random Video Calls On WhatsApp

Security experts are suggesting users ignore such scamming calls as they believe such calls may steal user data. Experts claim that these random video calls on WhatsApp are phishing attempts aiming at stealing user data. So, if you ever happen to receive any such call, make sure to ignore it, communicate about it to your friends’ circle, and then block the number. Make sure to not share any of your personal information with such calls.

In order to block such numbers from the entire platform, it is important to report them to WhatsApp before blocking it from your WhatsApp handle.

The calls are affecting a mass audience and several users have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to report it.

Referring to these scamming attempts one user wrote, “What on earth is up with the random WhatsApp video calls from unknown numbers?!”

Another added, “Why do I keep getting random video calls through WhatsApp?”

“Been getting WhatsApp video calls from random countries like Indonesia and South Africa”, reported one.

What on earth is up with the random WhatsApp video calls from unknown numbers?”, inquired another user.

I Am Receiving Random WhatsApp Calls What Does It Mean?

Image Of I Am Receiving Random WhatsApp Calls What Does It Mean

If you ever happen to receive unexpected or unsolicited phone calls, you are suggested not to respond to them. These calls often originate from scammers with the intent of stealing your personal information.

From the very beginning, cybercriminals have been employing phishing calls as a tactic to manipulate individuals into revealing their sensitive data. In some cases the threat actors coax them into installing malicious software on their devices.

This deceptive approach often leads people to unintentionally disclose their confidential data, including passwords, addresses, and financial details. Such information can later be exploited for fraudulent purposes.

Action Fraud, an organization focused on combatting fraud, has issued a warning concerning a particular method employed by scammers. They are increasingly utilizing WhatsApp audio calls as a means to establish trust with individuals and subsequently perpetrate scams. Here is what the head of Action Fraud Oliver Shaw has to say about this scam:

“We urge people always to be wary when receiving contact via WhatsApp or other messaging platforms”. He further added, “This is particularly the case when being asked to provide account information – despite the fact that you may recognize the individual’s profile picture and/or name.”

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about random scamming calls that users receive on their WhatsApp handles. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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