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A new filter named as Renaissance Filter TikTok is currently taking over the internet. If you are trying to participate in this viral trend but are unable to find the filter then we have got you covered. Keep scrolling and get to know the easiest ways to get your renaissance painting.

With its viral trends and filters TikTok has helped us get through this tough year. At the end of this year TikTok has given so many surprises to its users. From its year in rewind feature to its top hit tracks, videos and celebrities it has given plenty of reasons to smile.

As we are about to enter the New Year, a new filter has made its way to the Foryou page of TikTok. So many users have already taken the challenge while others are unable to find it among the list of filters available on TikTok. To all the users who are probing to know about the filter, we have provided a guide here that will help you access the filter in no time.

What Is Renaissance Filter On TikTok

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TikTok creators have never disappointed us with their creative skills. Every morning when we open the TikTok app, we get to see plenty of new filters and challenges. These are an amazing way to have positive vibes around.

The Renaissance Filter on TikTok turns your pictures into Renaissance Paintings which look quite ancient. If you have ever wished to see yourself in the renaissance period then we would suggest you to try out this filter once. Using this viral filter users turn their current snaps into Renaissance Paintings with the blue line filter.

To all of the users who are trying to get this filter on TikTok, stop wasting your energy. Because, there is not a single filter that gives you the ancient look. To get this challenge done you have to use variety of Apps and few editing skills.

How To Get Renaissance Filter On TikTok

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Here are the instructions that will help you get this look,

Firstly you have to use the Time Warp Scan filter that is available on TikTok. Once you get the filter, pose like a painting subject and stay still until a blue line scans your image from top to bottom. Remember not to change your posture while the blue line moves through the screen.

Once you have created the video, save it your camera roll and screenshot the last part of video. (I.e. when the blue line reaches the bottom of screen) Now upload the screenshot to a photo editing app known as PicsArt. Edit your picture to look like an ancient painting using this app.

Now use another app named as video leap to mix your photo into a video. Following this, select the linear effect and press play then pause while you make the mask follow the effect down. Though you will need to put a lot of efforts to complete this painting but the end product you receive is worth these efforts.

Once you are done with the video, upload it with the sound track that accompanies this filter. The hash tag Renaissance Filter On TikTok has already garnered millions of likes and the count is still rising. So many people have created videos featuring their pets along with them and they look quite adorable.

The videos with the renaissance effect have garnered millions of hearts and shares. If you want to make your way for the Foryou page of TikTok, then we would suggest you to create a video using this viral filter.

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Last Words

This was all about Renaissance Filter TikTok, that everybody was talking about. Let us know with your comments if you have participated in this viral trend or not.

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