Rumored Wife Of NBA Player Will Barton – All You Need To Know

The rumored wife of NBA player Will Barton is currently trending on the video-sharing app TikTok. As the video has gone viral, users are looking to know the truth behind it. If you are among Will Barton’s fans here is all you need to know about this viral video.

In recent days there has been a video going viral on social media where a girl is spotted and users are convinced that she is married to famous NBA player Will Barton. Fans are confused about this news and trying to figure out what is actually going on. Fans are convinced that they have discovered Will Barton’s rumored wife Brittany in a viral TikTok. Where this woman in the street claims that she’s married to an NBA player.

After witnessing the video users are confused and shocked. They are continuously posting this video and asking if it is true or not. NBA players are very famous and counted as superstars because of their natural talent. Their lives are not that much private after all they are public figures and people are always excited to know about their personal lives. Some of them try to keep things private but fans always knew how to find out something related to players. Likewise, some fans have come up with a video where they are claiming about Will Barton’s wife.

Viral Video Of Will Barton’s Rumored Wife

Image Of Viral Video Of Will Barton’s Rumored Wife

A video went viral on TikTok related to famous NBA player Will Barton, where a girl is claiming that she is married to Will Barton. This video became very popular on social media on September 6th, recorded by @ItsZivTamir. She was walking down the street and saw women wearing luxurious jewelry.  After that, Ziv compliments the woman’s jewelry and asks her what she does for a living, to which she replies she’s a stay-at-home wife.

She’s then asked for her advice to other stay-at-home wives and she says, “Baby you have to invest in your husband, that’s what you gotta’ do.” Later the woman explains that loves to do shopping which helps her to feel good. And she adds that she does it for herself and for her husband. When asked about her husband’s job, she first says she can’t reveal it.

After the being insisted she reveals that her husband is an NBA player but she can not disclose her husband’s name. She then doubles down and says it’s a secret and smiles before walking away. After that, the video was shared on Twitter where it reached 3.6M views and fans are claiming that she might be married to Will Barton.

More Details About Will Barton’s Rumored Wife

Image Of More Details About Will Barton’s Rumored Wife

The video went viral and the comment section was filled with a lot of comments where people were thinking that she might be married to Will Barton. Barton has been in the NBA since 2012 when he was originally drafted by the Blazers. However, he eventually landed in Denver where he played until 2022. Barton also has become the Nuggets’ all-time leader. In February he moved to Toronto and living there till now.

It didn’t take long for people on the internet to find the woman from the TikTok video on Instagram. It seems she’s in a relationship with someone named Will Barton. Actually, the woman in the video, who is said to be named Brittany, posted a picture with Will within the past day. The confusion about the rumor ended here after finding out about the girl who was in that viral video.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the rumored wife of famous NBA player Will Barton. Hopefully, this information was helpful in finding out the reality behind this rumor.

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