S/U Meaning On Snapchat – Explained

The latest Snapchat slang to go viral on the internet is S/U and users are wondering to know its meaning. If you are among the users left confused by this term, we are here to clear all your confusion. Below we have detailed all the information about what S/U means on Snapchat and how to use this term in different contexts.

Slang terms have acquired an important space on social media. Our conversations on social media these days are incomplete without acronyms and shorthands. Though these terms are popular across all social media platforms, they are mainly used on social messaging apps.

Besides being popular for its jaw-dropping filters, Snapchat also is home to several slang terms. While exchanging messaging and snaps, Snapchat users used a variety of slang terms on the platform.

The latest term that has gotten the attention of users is S/U. If you are an avid Snapchat user, you must have seen this term in several Snapchat stories. Coming across this slang term in a variety of Snapchat stories, users are curious to know the meaning of S/U on Snapchat. To help all such users looking for the meaning of S/U, we have provided all the possible meanings below. Have a look!

What Is The Meaning Of S/U On Snapchat?

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It is hard to keep track of all slang terms on social media but if you decide to follow our blog, you surely can keep stock of all the slang terms that make their way to social media.

Well, you must be thinking of S/U as a complicated term but the reality is totally the opposite. S/U on Snapchat simply means swipe up. Yes, you heard it right! It is that simple!

You must have encountered this term in posts made by influencers, YouTubers, or other social media content creators. Upon swiping up, you will get directed to a link attached to that particular story.

So, by simply writing S/U with a story, you make it clear that there is a link attached to the story. And upon following the instructions, you will get directed to the complete story.

Though on Snapchat, the “swipe up” notification does appear at the bottom but to make it even more obvious, users add the acronym S/U to the story.

What Does S/U Mean On Snapchat

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Just a few weeks earlier, Snapchat users were getting behind a similar term Y/N. This also was a simple term but users had made it pretty complicated. Some people thought ‘Y/N’ was a person while others associated it with several other things.

However, it also had a very simple meaning. The term ‘Y/N’ stands for Your Name but social media users have now complicated this simple term also.

Though acronyms are a great way to save time during online conversations, they have complicated the lives of many. Gen Z is mostly aware of these terms but not everyone understands them and gets troubled while using different social media platforms.

Nonetheless, Gen Z is not going to leave any single small term without complicating it. And sadly, we all have to cope with them.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of Snapchat’s viral term S/U. Hopefully, you have found all the information that you were looking to know.

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