Siri Voice On TikTok — The Funniest Feature

Our most favorite Application is here with a new feature known as Siri Voice On Tiktok. If you want to know how this feature can be accessed, then you are reading the most relevant article. Keep reading and you will get to know how this feature works.

When it comes to innovative challenges, new trends, lenses and sound tracks, TikTok beats all other applications. It has never missed a single chance to entertain its users throughout this year. The year 2020 was the TikTok year as the most downloaded videos were the TikTok videos.

While the whole world was observing lockdown, TikTok was working on its latest features to become a complete entertainment package for its users. This article will enlighten you with all the details related to the latest feature Siri Voice On Tiktok. Keep scrolling and be part of this viral trend.

What Is TikTok Text To Speech

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Siri Voice On TikTok is a trend that has spread giggles among the TikTok community. Though TikTok comes with so many latest trends and challenges that expire really fast but this new feature seems to go so far.

The feature allows users to listen their caption in another automated voice. The voiceover is a machine generated thing so it comprises of so many errors. This is what makes it funny to hear. It reads all your emoji’s in its own way and that’s so much fun. It creates its own interpretations also, making your caption/text not less than a meme.

Before the application introduced this feature, there were so many applications that performed the same function but against some charges. Another reason for this feature’s popularity is that, it includes closed captions that increase accessibility for the deaf users.

How To Do The Siri Voice On TikTok

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If you are probing to know how this feature works, then here is the detail.

Generating an audio for your written text is really simple. It just takes seconds to convert your caption into a voice over. To get the Siri (another automated voice), firstly open your TikTok account and shoot a video.

Before going into detail users should check if their application is updated or not. If it’s not Up-to-date please update the App because the feature might not work on the old versions. Now, after shooting the video, tap on the edit option and then write a text that interests you. Try something funny so that you will come with a funny voice over.

Once you have written the text, select the option that says “Text-to-Speech”. Once you check this option, your text will automatically get converted into an audio. The users should also know that it will not come up with the exact voiceover because there is always space for errors when it comes to machine generated translations.

How To Do The Voiceover Thing On TikTok

This feature is quite easy and funny. You have to follow few steps and then done! You will get a funny speech for the text you have written. To convey the real essence of humor, the users should never forget to add the caption on their videos before they post it to their friends. This will help the listeners to understand the true story because the speech will surely read something inaccurate.

While making the video, you also have option to set duration for the voiceover and the text you have added inside the video. You can add as many text boxes as you want but we would suggest you to keep the video short and funny. This will help you gather millions of hearts and shares.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the Text-To-Speech option of TikTok. The feature is currently trending on TikTok and it is spreading positive vibes all around. Hope this article has conveyed all the information you needed to know.

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