Teeth Whitening TikTok Hack and Potential Harms!

Tiktok trends and challenges are sometimes in the form of different hacks which make your life easier. For instance, prolonging the life your avocado and beauty tips which make a very inexperienced person in makeup, apply a decent makeover. Thus, these hacks can be very useful and handy. Such a trick has trended lately on Tiktok named Teeth Whitening Tiktok.

Teeth Whitening Tiktok

As some of the hacks can be very beneficial, while some can be very dangerous. Who does not want pearl white teeth? Several of our eating habits like drinking coffee, wine and sweets can affect the color of teeth as well as cavity building. Therefore, teeth whitening treatments have become very common. But this can cost you a heck of money.

Luckily, companies such as Crest have created teeth whitening kits that people can purchase for approximately $50. 

A Tiktok user has even come up with even a cheapest alternative. The user @clauds244 is offering people another way to get whiter teeth, using 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. The user has gone viral after explaining that she puts 3 percent hydrogen peroxide on cotton bud and rubs it on her teeth.

She told her followers that it is the same ingredient used in store-bought whitening kits. She also adds towards the end, “If you’re a dentist, don’t tell me this is wrong.”

Her video is liked by around 2.7 million. She posted the video on 22nd August, 2020.

After this viral video, several other videos uploaded to the popular social media app. Videos show users using food grade hydrogen peroxide, purchased online, as a form of mouthwash for up to a minute.

These videos on TikTok with the hashtag #teethwhitening have been viewed more than 280 million times, with users recommending this method as alternative to expensive over the counter products.

What dentists have to say about Teeth Whitening Tiktok?

Several professional dentists have come forward to warn against this hack.

In an interview, Dr Krystyna Wilczynski, a cosmetic dental surgeon, remarked that it’s “extremely worrying” that people are willing to risk their health for cosmetic purposes. “It is incredibly unsafe and we as dentists are forever ensuring that we provide safe, registered and licensed FDA approved products to our patients,” she said.

Templehall dental practice in Kirkcaldy, UK, have posted an urgent message on their Facebook page warning people of the trend. They say that the solution is “highly toxic and dangerous” and will “cause severe pain and damage to both teeth and gums”.

According to UK law, teeth whitening products sold directly to the public can only contain upto 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. On contrary, our user @clauds244 has claimed to use 3% of hydrogen peroxide.

She has also said in her video that she use the product daily. But the dentists have also advised against the long-term use of this. Prolonged bleaching with this high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in multiple consecutive days can get you high irritated gums and sensitive teeth.

Usually tooth sensitivity lasts for only one day but the use of this hack can lead to permanent sensitivity


Previously, a number of dentists have criticized different potentially harmful beauty hacks and tips. These have included scraping off moles at home by using chemicals and using eyelash glue to make lips appear bigger.

People have to be more cautious while using such hacks. Or even do not use it at all. In case of Teeth Whitening hack, do research and even dilute the product with water before using.

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