Temtem 1.0 Release Date – Release Date Maintenance Time Revealed

The release date of Temtem 1.0 is just around the corner and the development team of the game has spilled the beans over some crucial information about its maintenance schedule and what to expect. If you are among the players who are looking to know when is the release date for Temtem 1.0 and what to expect from it, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know.

For the players from platforms like Steam, you will notice a long downtime for the game. As per the available information, the game is going offline for a long time on September 5.

And the reason why you will face downtime is that you will get to see something really exciting afterward. Yes, the downtime will pave the path for Temtem’s arrival on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo platforms.

Here we have broken down all the available information about what the release date of Temtem 1.0 is and what the players can expect from it and also its maintenance schedule. Stay tuned!

When Is Temtem 1.0 Coming?

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Without wasting more of your time, let us tell you the release date of Temtem 1.0. Well, it is scheduled to hit the screens on Tuesday, September 6. On the said date, it will be made available for Steam, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Crema has further revealed that Temtem will not be playable on PS4 or Xbox One consoles, but for Switch consoles, a version will be available to play.

For the players who will be able to download the game this week, there is good news. And the good news is Temtem will boast crossplay on launch day which means you can play with the whole community.

Here is what Crema said in one of their recent messages:

“Playing Temtem solo is great, but did you know the entire Temtem campaign can be played in cooperative mode? Communicate with other players with chat and emotes, and use the Friend list to trade, inspect, spectate… Co-op with Tamers around you, or check to see if any Club catches your eye—and if you and your Club are up to the task, you might get to control a Dojo through the lucrative Dojo Wars. Did we mention Temtem has cross-play?”

Temtem 1.0 Maintenance Time

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The development team has revealed the maintenance date and time for Temtem 1.0 already. You should note that maintenance time is scheduled for a day before Temtem’s release date.

As per Crema, the Temtem servers will go down on September 5th, at 1 am PDT / 8 am UTC / 10 am CEST. And the downtime will end on Tuesday, September 6, at 9 am PDT / 4 pm UTC / 6 pm CEST.

If you have early access to the game, you will still have to go through the down time as all players will have to wait until the downtime ends to access the game again.

The Temtem support account on Twitter has revealed the maintenance time saying. “Server will enter downtime on September 5th, at 8 am UTC / 10 am CEST. It will happen before the weekly reset. The server will be back on Tuesday, September 6th, at 4 pm UTC / 6 pm CEST.”

Temtem will be a unique addition to enjoy on Xbox and PlayStation in 2022 as the gameplay and the taming mechanics of the game are inspired by the Pokemon franchise.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the release date and maintenance time for Temtem 1.0 is and what the players should expect. Hopefully, the information was helpful.

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