The Reason For Feud Between KSI and Deji? All You Need To Know

KSI and his brother Deji have had some famous feuds between them and only a few fans are able to find the reason for this feud. If you are among such fans of these popular YouTubers who are not aware of the reason behind the feud between KSI and Deji, we have gotten you covered. Below we have gathered all the details about the beef between the brothers.

KSI is famous for posting gaming videos on YouTube. After joining YouTube in the year 2009, KSI has amassed a considerable number of followers on his handle. The majority of his content is based on gaming videos and comedy skits. Currently, he is among the most popular YouTubers with a subscriber count of 23 million and billions of views on all his videos.

This YouTube star is also part of The Sidemen which owns a restaurant chain, energy drink, and Vodka brand. This multi-talented YouTuber has also released several albums.

In the year 2020, he also started his boxing career and defeated his fellow YouTuber Logan Paul in a publicized match.

Below we have gathered all the information about the reason for the feud between KSI and his brother Deji. Keep reading to get all the details.

What Really Happened Between KSI and Deji?

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Born and brought up in Watford, England the famous YouTubers KSI and Deji are brothers. They also are boxers and they have millions of subscribers on their respective YouTube handles.

KSI was born June 19, 1993, to father, Jide Adamulla Olatunji who belongs to Nigeria, and his mother Yinka Atinuke from London. His younger brother Deji was born on December 9, 1996.

In the initial days of their YouTube journey, KSI and Deji were very close. They were often spotted together and they used to appear in each other’s videos. They even lived together in the Sidemen house.

However, in the year 2019, KSI and Deji had some arguments and a major beef occurred between them. It all started when KSI’s friend Randolph said Deji had a “dead channel” in a Family Feud-style video. Deji, the younger brother who KSI describes as a person who “kind of overreacts,” and “takes everything to heart,” created a video where he insulted Randolph. He also involved Randolph’s wife in the argument.

The situation became tense and KSI who was a close friend of Randolph intervened in the matter.

Reason For Feud Between KSI and Deji Explained

Image Of Reason Of Feud Between KSI and Deji Explained

In one of his videos Deji even shared a screenshot of KSI’s personal bank that showed the amount KSI paid to Randolph for his wedding. This was the moment when things became even worse and KSI posted a video expressing his disappointment.KSI further revealed that his trust was breached.

Later on May 25, 2019, Deji rolled out a YouTube video titled ‘Bye’ which is currently being deleted. In this video, Deji revealed that his brother had been abusive throughout his life. He further claimed that his brother has even slept with his girlfriend in 2015. Not just this, he further reported that his brother “steal” multiple girls that he had liked.

In response to this video, KSI also rolled out a video titled ‘ending it all’. In the video, he talked about his side of the story. The majority of fans appeared to believe KIS’s side of the story and Deji lost thousands of subscribers.

As of now the beef between the brothers is clear and they are again seen together working on the same projects. Furthermore, they have expressed love for each other and have decided to repair their relationship.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information for the feud between KSI and Deji. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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