TikTok Coloring Book Challenge – What Is It All About?

TikTok coloring book challenge is getting popular among TikTok users as it helps them better know their friends and partners. If you are willing to be part of this viral challenge, “TikTok Coloring Book Challenge”, here is how to do so.

TikTok content creators keep coming up with new trends and challenges that shape how couples and best friends express themselves online. From participating in popular dance challenges together to creating duets, or showcasing shared experiences, TikTok trends have enabled users to express themselves and their relationships

TikTok trends that revolve around couples provide a fun and creative way to bond, share experiences, and even navigate challenges. Participating in relationship-themed trends can be a source of joy and connection for people. In addition to challenges and trends, users also participate in quizzes that help users understand their relationships.

Whether these are viral challenges, dance videos, or quizzes, these trends provide users with a platform for shared creativity and a sense of belonging with their loved ones.

The latest trend that users are going crazy about is, the TikTok coloring book trend and this too is a relationship trend. It helps users understand their partners. For all the users who are trying to be part of this trend, below we have gathered all the details.

How To Do The TikTok Coloring Book Challenge?

Image Of How To Do The TikTok Coloring Book Challenge

After hearing the title ‘Coloring Book Challenge’, people start to think that this challenge is somehow related to coloring. Well, they are not wrong. Coloring was once reserved for kids only as it worked to several of their skills while growing up, adults these days don’t feel ashamed of coloring like kids.

Well, yes, several coloring apps are getting popular online after several people have found it satisfying. A trend of coloring apps has begun and whenever TikTok users hear about a unique experience, they come up with a trend.

So, the coloring book challenge on TikTok relates to coloring and it is all about how you relate with your partner in coloring. By individually coloring the same picture, we can assess and compare our coloring style with that of our partner or friends, providing an understanding of the similarities and differences in our artistic expressions.

Several video creators including @envisionaries have participated in the trend thus it has gone viral everywhere. To be part of this challenge, all you need to have is a free coloring book app. Once you download the app on both phones (yours and your partner’s), select the same image, and start coloring. Be sure to not look at your partner’s colors until you complete it. Once the coloring is complete, compare and contrast both your pictures and check how much you guys relate and are like-minded.

TikTok Coloring Book Challenge Tutorial

Image Of TikTok Coloring Book Challenge Tutorial

As the trend has gone viral on TikTok, several users have to Twitter to express their thoughts about it. Here is what users have to say about this viral challenge:

One user wrote, “Did the coloring book trend with my mom it was so cuteee <3”.

Another user wrote, “Sadie and I just did the coloring book trend, and omg lol are we even friends?”.

“I wanna do the coloring book trend with my sister but I feel like the coloring will over-stimulate me and my coloring wouldn’t be my full potential”, wrote another.

“Asked my boyfriend to do the coloring book trend on TikTok with me and as we were doing it he said “oh this is hard” and then it clicked… I FORGOT HE WAS COLORBLIND”.

“Riize should do the coloring book trend wanna see how their minds work with coloring”, wrote one.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about the viral coloring book challenge and how to be part of it. Have you tried the trend? Share your experience in the below comment box.

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