TikTok Sound Search Not Working – How To Fix?

TikTok Sound Search is not working for several users and they are looking for a fix to resolve this issue. As TikTok background music is among the most used features of TikTok, content creators are facing trouble while rolling out their new videos on the platform. Are you among these TikTok users worried about the ‘TikTok Sound Search Not Working Issue’? Let us help you out. Here is everything you need to know about this viral issue.

TikTok has reached the list of top social media platforms within a few years of its launch. The reason why users love this platform is its variety of features. It is the first only video-sharing social platform to amass more than a billion users.

However, coping with a user base of more than a billion is not a piece of cake. Thus, TikTok users also keep encountering glitches on the platform, but yes, they get fixed quickly as well.

The latest issue that TikTok users have come across is, their TikTok sound search is not working. Following this issue, they are unable to search and add their desired songs to their TikTok videos.

Several annoyed TikTok users have also taken to Twitter to inquire about the issue. Here we have broken down everything about why the TikTok sound search feature is not working on the platform. Keep reading!

How To Fix TikTok Sound Search Not Working Issue?

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TikTok was recently making headlines for its unique voice effects. Content creators were coming up with amazing content following this feature. However, the video-sharing app is now making headlines for all bad reasons.

TikTok users are complaining that they are unable to find trending sounds of their choice in the sound tab. Upon looking for certain sounds using the search bar, users are ending up with no results at all. For some users, the results simply don’t appear while for some, the app is crashing.

Content creators have revealed that the rest of the options are just working well and the TikTok sound search feature is the only one that is currently creating trouble for them.

The issue seems to be a glitch as it has affected thousands of TikTok users from across the world. Users have taken to Twitter and other platforms to report the issue however TikTok has not responded to any of the claims.

Though there is no information about the reason for this issue, users are reporting different issues surrounding this particular feature.

TikTok Sound Search Not Working In 2022

Image Of TikTok Sound Search Not Working In 2022

TikTok users have poured Twitter with complaints that the sound search feature is not working for them in 2022. Content creators have revealed different issues related to this glitch.

Some users have reported on Twitter that sometimes the sound search option is working for them while other times it doesn’t. A few have complained that the app is crashing every time they try to access the sound search option.

The rest of the users complained that they found the message “no results found” after they tried to search for their desired soundtrack.

“Now why is the sound section of the search bar not working but the rest do on TikTok?”, asked one TikTok user on Twitter.

Another added, “Why is TikTok saying “no results found” when I type anything in the sound search bar????”

Though TikTok has not addressed the issue yet, we are sure that the app must be working on fixing the issue. We are hoping that the issue will be resolved soon. To check whether the issue still prevails or is resolved, you can follow the below steps:

Open your TikTok app.

Tap on the search bar located at the top of your screen.

Type your desired sound.

Once you get the results, tap on the sound tab and you will find the list of all the available songs related to your desired category.

If the songs do not appear, it means the issue is not being resolved yet. You may need to wait a little longer to get the issue fixed.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the TikTok Sound Search not Working issue is all about and how to get it fixed. Let us know via the below comment box if you found this information useful.

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