Try/Silent Meaning On Instagram – Explained

The new Instagram feature Try/Silent is bothering the users and they are wondering to know its meaning on the former only photo-sharing app. If you too are wondering to know what Try/Silent means on Instagram, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the new feature appearing in Instagram DMs.

Social media platforms are constantly thriving to stay ahead in the race of user experience. Thus, they are constantly rolling out new updates on the platform. From Instagram reels to stories, layouts and feeds, we have witnessed quite a few noticeable changes on Instagram recently.

In a recent message from Instagram’s CEO, we got the information that the app is currently focusing on video content. This is the reason why we were getting random content on our feed, earlier we only had the content from people we follow on our feeds. Nonetheless, users didn’t like this update at all.

The latest feature that has raised concerns on the app is the ‘Try/Silent’ message in the DMs. Upon trying to type a message, the users are getting ‘Try/Silent’ in their message bar. Users are concerned about what Try/Silent’ means on Instagram and why is this change being added to the platform.

What Is The Meaning Of Try/Silent In Instagram DMs

Image Of What Is The Meaning Of Try/Silent In Instagram DMs

The Try/Silent’ is an old feature that has gone viral on Instagram one more time. This feature was first introduced in the year 2021. Currently, concerns are rising as users are getting to see this notification again in their DMs.

Upon trying to type a new message, a message saying ‘Try/Silent’ appears in the box where we usually type the message.  Next to this message appears a shushing emoji. Unable to understand its meaning, several Instagram users have taken it to Twitter.

Here is how users have addressed this new Instagram feature on Twitter.

One person wrote, “Why does IG have this “try/silent” thing on the dm msg? Are you trying to say I talk a lot?”

Another user wrote, “What is this new update on Instagram bro”. To this, another user wrote, “try @/silent no thanks”.

“Instagram just added “Try being silent.” To the text bubble. This is a good sign though. They’re running out of tech and magic so instead of unseen stuff they have to be more obvious”, said another.

What Try/Silent Means On Instagram?

Image Of What Is The Meaning Of Try/Silent In Instagram DMs

This feature lets you send Instagram messages without notifying the recipient or participants in the group chat. After resurfacing on Instagram, this feature is raising concerns across the Instagram app.

For some users, the text in their message box appears saying try/silent while for others it appears saying ‘try @silent’. The meaning of both the ‘try @silent’ and ‘try/silent’ messages is the same. It simply means that you can type @silent before typing any message to send it without notifying the recipient.

Upon using this hack from Instagram, you can send messages like you normally do but the only difference would be the receiver will not receive any notification.

This feature is the perfect way to send messages that are not urgent or when you don’t want to disturb the receiver. For example, if the receiver is busy, you can send them a message using this feature so that the receiver will open the text at their own convenience without getting disturbed by the notification.

So, if you want your DMs to not bother anyone, you can simply type ‘try @silent’ or ‘try/silent’ at the start of your text.

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Last Words

This was all about the meaning of ‘try @silent’ or ‘try/silent’ on Instagram. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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