“What Color is The Grass” a Trend on TikTok

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snap Chat, TikTok, and Instagram are full of entertainment stuff. That these platforms had never failed to amuse when it comes to the comical side of the present arrangements people had developed.

Every day there are many new things to make people joyful. These days what color is the grass joke is famous on TikTok.

Currently, due to pandemic social media platforms are a genuine source of entertainment for billions of people around the world. Social media users post millions of videos on different platforms daily.

And their content is liked, viewed, and shared by millions of other social media users. That is the way they become a trend.

What color is grass being viral on TikTok

There is a new trend on TikTok named what color is the grass. This is a prank that went viral because on which this prank is performed gets confused for the first until they understand.

And it is very hilarious and funny to watch their response. This is completely a harmless prank, most of the pranks cause violence and that is not acceptable for many.

Many social media users had tried this prank on their friends and families. And the response is hilarious. This prank is a mind game in which you are asked to repeat after whatever other says.

Then they start saying the colors name yellow, red, blue, green and at last, they say what color is grass. At first, people don’t realize and they answer ‘green’.

Some of the people don’t get this at all and they always answer green when they ask the question of what color is green to repeat after them. So they become a fool again and again. Their faces become very hilarious when they don’t get what actually person is asking even they are answering right.

What color is the grass riddle could also embarrass you when someone implies this prank on you. And before you become a fool, you should get that; you are asked to repeat after them not to answer the question. So you should repeat after them instead of answering green.

The logic behind why grass is green and sky is blue

From the beginning, we have always a perception regarding different things around us. When we talk about the sky it comes to our mind that it is blue. When we talk about the sun, it rises in the east and sets in the west. Similarly, when we talk about grass, the grass is green.

But scientifically it is different. Actually, the sky is not an object to have a blue color on its surface, the sun does not move, it is the earth that rotates around the sun, and the grass in the garden is not actually green as we see. But the question here is how they reflect such colors?

Image of what color is the grass riddle

To answer this first, we have to know how color comes into existence. Color is formed by the combination of four factors. The factors are as under,

  1. Light condition
  2. The wavelength of reflected light
  3. Two aspects of our bodies
  4. Our brain and bodies have evolved to create color

When the waves of light transmit into our eyes through the retina after reflecting from an object our brain produces an electrical signal it is called color in qualitative terms.

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On social media, people post videos in which they had pranked their friends or family members. But this prank is totally a mind game. It is good to be rational to avoid yourself from being fooled.

Humans have fix views in their minds regarding different things around them. But the truth is wholly different when you see from a scientific perspective compare to what we have in our minds.

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