What Happened To Shane Dawson? All You Need To Know

If you’ve been on YouTube for a while, you probably know about Shane Dawson. He is one of the top YouTubers. However, many people are wondering what happened to Shane Dawson and why he is not active now. If you’re curious, here’s what you need to know. Stay connected for more updates.

YouTube is a popular website where people can watch and share videos. It has content on almost any topic you can think of, from music and gaming to education and Vlogs. Anyone can create a YouTube account and upload their videos for others to see. Viewers can like, comment, and subscribe to their favorite channels. It’s a great platform for entertainment, learning, and connecting with others around the world. If you choose a YouTube career and it works out you’ll be the most lucky person.

YouTube creators are people who make and upload videos on YouTube. They cover all kinds of topics like cooking, gaming, beauty, and daily life. Shane Dawson is one of the well-known YouTube creators. He became famous for his comedy sketches, documentaries, and personal Vlogs. Creators like Shane Dawson can build large followings and even earn money from their content. They often connect with their audience through comments and live streams, making YouTube a place where anyone can share their passions and creativity. But currently, people are asking about Shane Dawson and what happened to him.

Let’s find out more about Shane Dawson and what happened to him. Keep reading for all the information.

Who Is Shane Dawson?

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Shane Dawson is one of the original YouTubers, starting his video-making journey in the early 2000s. He was once a huge star on the platform with millions of fans who enjoyed his funny videos. However, in 2020, the internet turned against him because of his old content, and he got canceled.

In 2018, Shane switched from comedy sketches to making documentary-style videos. He began exploring internet conspiracy theories and creating documentaries about controversial figures. He also made a successful makeup line with Jeffree Star, which he documented on his channel. In 2020, Dawson was canceled after a video of him making inappropriate gestures at a poster of then-11-year-old Willow Smith circulated on social media went viral.

What Happened To Shane Dawson?

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While some fans defended Dawson, others searched through his old videos and found more problematic content, including offensive jokes and a blackface sketch.

As a result, Dawson lost over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, and his ‘Conspiracy’ makeup line with Jeffree Star was pulled by Morphe. He addressed the situation on Twitter, saying he had deleted his old content, and then posted an apology video on June 26, 2020.

In the video, 31-year-old Dawson explained, “I was at least 20 when I started YouTube. I chose to use stereotypes of Black people, Asian people, or Mexicans. I thought it was funny and posted it online.”

He added, “When I say I hate that person, I mean it intensely. That person was full of sadness, and anger about their issues, and constantly projecting onto others. That person is someone I don’t like seeing.” In October 2021, Shane Dawson announced his return to YouTube in a new video. In it, he admitted feeling “embarrassed about a lot of things” from his past. He continued: “I think part of me was upset because I made so much growth, and now I’m being canceled over things in the past, and that’s not me anymore…it made me realize that I can’t focus on what other people think of me…I learned a lot. He apologizes for his act and announces that he’ll be joining YouTube again.

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Bottom Line

This was all the available information about the famous YouTube Shane Dawson. Hopefully, this information was helpful.

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