What Is Mayyonnaiase Incident On TikTok? Explained

Some content creators on TikTok are getting deeply involved in a drama that they call the ‘Mayyonnaiase Incident’, making others curious to know what it actually is and why everyone so concerned about it is. If you are among these users who are looking to know what the Mayyonnaiase Incident on TikTok is, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know.

With the arrival of the New Year, users on TikTok are getting to discuss a new topic. This time all the discussions are revolving around a Mayyonnaiase Incident that began when Kelseyinit rolled out a video and talked about the incident in the overlay text while he was bidding farewell to one of his TikTok fellow.

In the overlay he wrote, “Thank you for your amazing videos teaching people a lot of things. I hope you have a good life and maybe someday forget about the mayonnaise incident. It was a true tragedy.”

This caption has piqued curiosity about the Mayyonnaiase Incident topic and now everyone is looking to know what this incident on TikTok is all about. Here is everything you need to know.

What Is Mayyonnaiase Drama On TikTok?

Image Of What Is Mayyonnaiase Drama That Everyone On TikTok Is Talking About

Users on TikTok are sharing different perspectives about the Mayyonnaiase Incident that they have heard about in a viral TikTok video.

As the video creator who has talked about this incident has not mentioned in detail what he is referring to, users are wondering to know what the incident is actually about. The majority of users have an opinion that the incident must be something tragic while others have opinionated that it must be something fun.

After watching the recent TikTok videos from Kelseyinit and Not an Undercover Cop’s TikTok handle, users are flooding the comment section saying Not an Undercover Cop is leaving the social media due to the Mayyonnaiase incident.

Several users bombarded the comment section asking about the incident but the content creator refused to address the incident saying they might get banned if they reveal the drama.

To this hint, some users have opinionated that the video creator might be talking about the shooting incident that took place at an Atlanta Subway in 2022. This unfortunate incident resulted when a customer shot two employees for serving him a sandwich that had ‘too much mayonnaise’.

However, this incident has nothing to do with the Mayyonnaiase incident that everyone on TikTok is talking about.

What Is Mayyonnaiase Drama That Everyone On TikTok Is Talking About?

Image Of What Is Mayyonnaiase Drama That Everyone On TikTok Is Talking About

The video that TikTok users are talking about is from the TikTok handle, Not an Undercover Cop. The video has amassed more than 2.8 million videos as of now. In case you have missed this video, here is what it was all about.

The video begins featuring the video creator removing the mic and other accessories and then he starts moving away from the camera. His gesture was revealing that he was quitting his channel. Furthermore, the voice-over says, “This is how it ends.”

In the latter part of the video, he has featured some other clips just to reveal it to the users that it was just a random rumor. He further asks his followers to participate in it.

At the end of this viral video, the message reads, “Thank you to the 2 million people who follow me. I am banking on the fact that the vast majority of people won’t watch until the end, let alone read this. I am not actually leaving. Lol.

He further added, “Please start a rumor in the comments that I left because of the “Mayonnaise thing” that happened between @thefronk and me. Be vague and don’t explain any further. If people ask, just say it’s complicated or that using certain words to explain it might get you banned.”

This video is viewed more than 100,000 times however; very few users are not able to understand the message behind this viral video.

The curious users have poured comments in the comment section saying, “What is the mayonnaise incident I’m so confused”.

Another curious user asked, “Is there a website that explains the incident? I need to know what happened”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Mayyonnaiase Incident on TikTok is all about and why everyone on TikTok is talking about it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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