What Is The Lemon Pie Story On TikTok? Explained

The latest story on trend on the video-sharing app TikTok is Lemon Pie and users are looking to find what it is all about. If you are among the TikTok users who have just come across this viral story, we have got you covered. Keep reading to know what the Lemon Pie story is all about and why is it getting all the limelight on TikTok.

Social media users these days are sharing emotional stories. On TikTok, Reddit, and several other platforms, we have come across a variety of stories in the last few weeks. From stories like I Peeled My Orange Today to the current trending story “Lemon Pie’, we have come across a variety of stories that have left people sobbing.

Though such videos go viral on social media platforms, it is important to understand that, users often share emotional content, including personal stories, to garner attention, validation, and engagement from their audience. This online behavior is known as virtue signaling or emotional manipulation. This behavior is driven by a variety of factors

Users may seek authentication and a sense of connection, fulfill social needs, or strategically use emotional content to influence others. Social media algorithms, designed to prioritize engaging content, further contribute to the prevalence of such posts. The relative anonymity on these platforms allows users to share exaggerated or fictional stories without immediate consequences.

 It’s crucial for users to be discriminating consumers, critically evaluating the authenticity and motivations behind emotional content, while also recognizing the potential impact on mental health and societal perceptions.

Is The Lemon Pie Story On TikTok Real?

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A heart-wrenching breakup story, titled ‘Lemon Pie,’ has left TikTok users in tears. The poignant exchange was posted on the platform this week and has quickly gained immense popularity, amassing 4.3 million views.

The Lemon Pie story starts with a girl breaking up with her boyfriend because she is “in no condition to love right now”.

She further says, “You’re perfect, it’s me,”. “I love you more than you could imagine, why is why I have to break up with you”, she further says.

As you move further in the story, you get to know that her nickname is Lemon because she once stole a lemon with the aim of making a pie.

The girl and boy, keep talking about how much they love one another Lemon proceeds to ask her better half to not contact her anymore. However, the guy still texts her and asks why she was not at school. To this, the girl replies, “Will you promise to never take me out of your heart? Will you promise when you get married, imagine me in the audience”.

She further adds, “I love you. I’ll love you, forever”. This was the last message she sent and then she stopped replying.

What Is Lemon Pie Story TikTok?

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After a while, the guy receives a message from the girl’s mom saying his girl died of coronary artery disease. Her mother wrote, “You were the last person she texted. I thought you’d deserve to know”. The message further reads, “I’ll forward you the details of the funeral.”

The lover kept texting Lemon in the next years revealing that he met someone and proposed to them. After seven years, the guy gets diagnosed with heart cancer and says, “Maybe our hearts are linked after all.”

At the end of the story, the guy picks some lemons and says “very soon I will see you again”. He sends this message because he was given just two weeks to live.

The story has left the TikTok users sobbing. Many users have taken it to several social media platforms thus it is currently trending everywhere.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about what is the Lemon Pie Story on TikTok and why is it trending on the video-sharing app.

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