What Is The Meaning Of Super Flower Blood Moon? Revealed

On the 15th and 16th of May 2022, the majority of people across the globe will be able to witness the “Super Flower Blood Moon” but what is the meaning of this exceptional moon and when is the next lunar eclipse taking place? We have gathered everything here in this article. Stay tuned!

The followers of Astrology are following the Super Flower Blood Moon for its spiritual meaning. If you are among such fans of astrology, you must have been anticipating the 2022’s first total lunar eclipse that took place on Sunday night/ Monday morning for its spiritual effects.

If you are not aware of what exactly are we talking about, here we have broken down everything about the first lunar eclipse, ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’, and its spiritual meaning. Keep reading!

Super Flower Blood Moon Meaning

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Last night, the full moon occurred near its perigee, which is said to be the closest point to the earth in its orbit. Due to this, the night eclipse was named the “super moon”. However, as far as the meaning of the Flower Moon is concerned, the title originated from Native Americans, the Algonquin people. The Flower moon refers to how the period represents the spring flower.

And last but not the least, blood-red refers to the effect that takes place due to light traveling through the Earth’s atmosphere before reaching the moon. When this phenomenon occurs, the blue light scatters and the red light gets the chance to pass through. This is the same phenomenon that takes place during the sunset when the yellow sun changes its color to red.

About the last night’s eclipse, one Twitter post wrote:

“Behold, the Super Flower Blood Moon of 2022. Tonight’s 85 minutes of totality is the longest total lunar eclipse in 33 years”.

Now, what is the spiritual meaning of Super Flower Blood Moon? You will get your answer in the proceeding paragraph.

What Does Super Flower Blood Moon Mean?

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Well, if you are feeling overwhelmed for a few days now, it is all because of the lunar eclipse. In spiritual terms, full moons are meant to bring along heightened emotions and a surge of tensions. When accompanied by the lunar eclipse, it becomes a signal marking endings and major changes. So, the blood moon of May 2022 is going to bring growth and transformation for most of us. You will be feeling a mix of energies.

The flower moon however signifies the process of going from a seed to full bloom. It means you are most likely to face a difficult situation. But once you cross it, it will be the time to bloom. So, allow yourself to open up, get yourself immersed in the situation and allow yourself to bloom.

This period is also bringing along an array of possibilities. As it is taking place in Scorpio, which is considered a transformative sign, it will enable you to cleanse your emotions for the upcoming time.

Now, when is the next lunar eclipse expected? Well, it will be taking place on 8 November 2022. The citizens of the US West, East Asia, and Australia will be able to enjoy the best view of this lunar eclipse.

Nonetheless, you will not be able to witness Super Flower Blood Moon in 2022. It won’t repeat in this same year because the lunar eclipse we experience this time was an amalgamation of several characteristics: a super moon, a flower moon, and a lunar eclipse.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the meaning of Super Flower Blood Moon is and its spiritual importance. Hopefully, we have provided all the information you were looking for.

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