What Planet Is Above The Moon Tonight? Here’s All You Need To Know

After witnessing the twinkling star right above the moon tonight, hundreds of people are willing to know what planet is it. If you too are amazed by this small shiny star twinkling right above the moon, we have gathered all details for you. Here is everything you need to know about what planet is shining above the moon tonight and its spiritual meaning. Keep reading to get all the details.

With the sighting of the crescent moon, the Islamic festival of Ramadan has begun. During this entire month Muslims from across the globe fast during the daylight hours starting from dawn till the sun sets. This time, the crescent of Ramada has not come alone but it has bought another shiny star to light up the sky.

People from all around the world have sighted this beautiful combination of moon alongside a twinkling star and they have taken to the internet to inquire about it. To help you get all the details about this spectacular view, below we have gathered all the details. Continue scrolling to know all the details about what this planet shining above the moon tonight is.

What Planet Is Above The Moon?

Image Of What Planet Is Above The Moon

The crescent moon has illuminated the sky and a planet has joined it to give a spectacular view. This twinkling star that you are able to witness in the sky is Venus. As per the reports from Space.com, the disk of the moon is illuminated by 6 percent of sunlight while the planet above it (Venus) shines with a magnitude of -4.0 percent.

Both the moon and Venus are separated by a distance equaling two-thirds of the approximate width of our fists held at arm’s length. This close proximity between the moon and Venus makes for an amazing view of the sky.

It was yesterday when Venus appeared right above the moon but on 24th March, the star and the moon will interchange their positions and you will be able to witness Venus right below the moon shining the brightest. Also, on Friday 24th March, the distance between the moon and the star will further decrease. This time Venus will be illuminated by 12 percent.

The only two days to witness this phenomenon are the 23rd and 24th of March 2023. If you are unable to witness this beautiful night view, just don’t worry as the star and the moon will again appear on April 23, 2023.

What Is That Shining Start Above The Moon?

Image Of What Is That Shining Start Above The Moon

People who saw this rare and beautiful view are mesmerized by its beauty and they have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to talk about it.

One user wrote, “That’s the planet Venus hovering above the Crescent Moon this evening. Beautiful.”

Another added, “The moon is cool tonight almost forgot to mention this there’s a planet above it”.

“Go look at the moon and the planet above it. The view is stunning!”, wrote another user on Twitter.

The readers who are looking to know the spiritual meaning of the Crescent moon and star, let us tell you that it holds great significance in different cultures.

This phenomenon is referred to as feminine power, cosmic unity, and also balance. For those who are on the path of wisdom and knowledge, the star symbolizes direction and enlightenment.  In addition to the star, the shiny crescent moon reminds us to be mindful, and respectful of our thoughts.

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The Final Thoughts

This was all the available information about what the planet appearing above the moon tonight is and its spiritual meaning. Hopefully, you are enjoying this mesmerizing night sky.

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