Who Is The Serbian Dancing Lady On TikTok? Viral Video Explained

Users on TikTok are coming across an eerie video that features a Serbian Dancing Lady in the streets at night, who is this lady? And why is she going viral across the video-sharing app? We have gathered all the details for you. Here is everything you need to know about the viral Serbian Dancing Lady video on TikTok and about who this lady is. Keep reading to get all the details.

It is pretty common for TikTok users to come across alien videos. Ever since its anticipation we have witnessed thousands of alien videos go viral on the video-sharing app. We have seen brooms flying in the air and sea mermaids floating in the wide sea. We also have seen people traveling fast forward to the future and we also have come across zombies wandering on the streets.

Though all these instances seem unreal, this is what we have witnessed on the ByteDance-owned video-sharing app.

Adding to the list of these alien videos, a new video featuring a Serbian Dancing Lady on the streets at night has gone viral on the video-sharing app. The video has gone viral to an extent that users are now curious to know who this Serbian Dancing Lady on TikTok is.

Below we have gathered all the details about who this viral Serbian Dancing Lady on TikTok is.

TikTok Serbian Dancing Lady Viral Video

Image Of TikTok Serbian Dancing

The viral Serbian Dancing Lady video has reminded users of the 2021 zombie woman. The video featuring this dancing lady was first posted in February. This video was first posted by a user where they have recorded the lady from their window. The caption further read, “be careful guys”.

In this viral video posted in February, a person can be seen dancing from one side to another in darkness as ominous music plays in the background.

The video further shows the person holding their hands out while moving their heels from right to left making some eerie dance steps. As the video goes viral some people believe that the unknown viral person (described as a woman) is doing Kolo which is a Serbian folk dance.

The viral video that has the hashtags  #serbia #dancingladyserbia and #horror has earned more than 76 million views. It has been not only gone viral on TikTok but on all other social media platforms as well.

Serbian Dancing Lady Video TikTok

Image Of Serbian Dancing Lady Video TikTok

As soon as the video went viral, social media users came up with several theories. Some wrote that she was holding a knife in her hand though we couldn’t find any evidence.

Though the video has just caught the attention of social media, the video has existed on TikTok since 2019. It is the same video about which a Serbian news site warned of a dangerous woman dancing in the streets.

The video is going viral again and social media users are left terrified. Many of them have taken to Twitter to talk about it. Here is how users have responded to this video on Twitter:

One user wrote, “Not gonna lie this is hella scary”.

Another added, “New fear unlocked.”

“After watching that Serbian Dancing Lady, I’m afraid to go out at night”, wrote one.

“Who else has been seeing the Serbian dancing lady on TikTok please tell me she isn’t real it’s 4 am and it’s scary for GOD’S SAKE”, said another user.

Though the video has stemmed from several theories, it is not clear whether the video is real or not. Also, there is no detail about who is the Serbian Lady dancing on TikTok.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about the viral Serbian Dancing Lady from TikTok. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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