Why Is Pepsi Labeled Heavy In Missouri? Explained

A TikTok video has sparked confusion after showing Pepsi in Missouri labeled ‘Heavy’, users are looking to know why the drink is named so and what Heavy Pepsi means. If you are among these TikTok users who are looking to figure out why the Pepsi vending machine in Missouri is labeled heavy, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know!

Having a huge user base across the globe, TikTok gets bombarded with a variety of videos each passing day. Sometimes the content creators come up with interesting content while the other days they keep sharing useless content on the platform. We also get to see a variety of challenges getting viral across the platform. Some of them are meant to entertain the users while others simply are dodgy and intend to hurt users.

Besides all the above content types we also get to see wild conspiracies getting viral across the platform. The latest video getting viral across the TikTok app shows a vending machine in Missouri with Pepsi labeled as “heavy”. This video has attracted traction and users are interested to know why exactly this Pepsi vending machine in Missouri is labeled heavy. Here is everything you need to know about this popular video.

What Does Heavy Pepsi Mean?

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The viral “Heavy Pepsi” video clip has confused users on TikTok and they are wondering to know if it is a new flavor or what. Well, one thing that is confirmed for now is, it is not a new flavor at all. The latest Pepsi flavor rolled recently is Peeps which is said to have marshmallows taste with a shot of vanilla.

The viral video that has made the users curious about the meaning of Heavy Pepsi has an overlay text that reads, “If you know, you know! Central Missouri thing”.

The video features people filling their empty Pepsi cans with a vending machine labeled ‘Heavy’ not one time but thrice. Though there were also some sodas placed just behind Pepsi but none of them were given any extra labels. This has left the users wondering why actually Pepsi is labeled heavy in Missouri.

No other detail about Pepsi is provided in the video except the frame showing Pepsi Wild Cherry. The video has boasted more than 668,000 views as of now and it is just being posted four days ago.

Heavy Pepsi Meaning TikTok

Image Of What Does Heavy Pepsi Mean

As thousands of users have come across this video, they have shared their own opinions about it. Some users have claimed that they have experienced the Heavy Pepsi and it has nothing extra than the original soda with “extra syrup.” Others have said that they have no clue about this new type of Pepsi that they just saw on TikTok.

Here is how TikTok users have responded to the viral clip in the comment section:

One TikTok user wrote, “I’ve lived in Missouri for 30 years and never seen it.,”

Another user added, “where in Central MO are you? I’ve never seen that. I’m in Rolla and also Jefferson my whole life”

“I really want to know where this is found. Any leads?,” wrote one.

“Can someone please explain what heavy Pepsi is? I’m lost!” inquired another user.

The comment where a user has claimed to have tried this Pepsi is baseless because no such Pepsi flavor exists. This made-up drink is not actually available anywhere.

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The Bottom Line

This was all you needed to know about what the Heavy Pepsi on TikTok is all about and whether or not this Pepsi flavor actually exists. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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