Why Is Slack Not Working? Explored

Thousands of Slack users have taken to Twitter after their virtual workspaces have stopped working. Why is slack not working? Is there any possible fix for the issue? We have explored everything you need to know here. Have a look!

On 22nd Feb 2022, slack users have poured thousands of complaints on Twitter after their virtual workspaces have stopped responding. Although the company has revealed that they have fixed the issue earlier today, thousands of users are still encountering issues with the application both on their phone and desktop.

As users have come across the Tweet made by Slack, they have expressed their displeasure in the Twitter thread. As of now, Slack is reported to be still down and users are showing their concern on the bird app.

Here is why Slack is not currently working and what measures the company has taken to resolve the issue.

Is Slack Down Right Now?

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Slack users across the world are being annoyed as their slack workplaces are not working on desktop and mobile. Some users have explained that they are unable to receive any message however others have reported their messages being slow.

One user wrote, “Still seeing issues, especially trying to load threads or sending/receiving messages”. They further added, “Happening in multiple workspaces. Mobile and desktop.”

Another user wrote, “Slack does not work, threads do not open and messages are not sent in the channel”.

“Still seeing issues for some of the channels, not all of them,” reported another user on Twitter.

Another annoyed user asked, “Does not seem fully resolved from over here. What info can we share to help troubleshoot?”

One response read, “The mobile app won’t refresh or update now either”.

Earlier today around 9:25 am ET, Slack informed its users to have fixed the issue. However, the issue was still there for many of the users. Following additional complaints the company changed their page status that read, “The platform is not loading for some users”.

Later the company addressed their users in a message that read:

“We’re investigating the issue where Slack is not loading for some users. We’re looking into the cause and will provide more information as soon as it’s available”.

Even after these tweets from the company, users are still facing issues on their Slack Workspaces.

Slack tweeted earlier saying, “We have fully resolved the issue and all customers should be able to connect and send messages again”. The Tweet further read, “We’re very sorry for the disruption. Thank you for bearing with us.”

Slack Not Working How To Fix?

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Considering the active role of Slack in resolving the issue, it seems like the virtual space provider is trying its best to resolve the issue and soon the issues will get resolved. Besides this, the company hasn’t talked about any possible fix for the prevailing issue.

The company has acknowledged the issue saying, “We apologize for the disruption and we hope to be back to normal soon. We’re digging into the problem with the highest priority. We truly appreciate your patience.”

So for now, the only option for Slack users is to show some patience until the company is working on fixing the issue.

Until then, keep checking the Slack Status to stay updated about any development in this case. We just hope the company will fix the issue soon and you will be able to pursue your operations smoothly.

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The Last Words

This was all about why slack is currently down and not working for the majority of users. Hopefully, you have found all the available information about the prevailing issue. Let us know in the below comment box if you have any working fix for this issue.

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